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Thoughts & Happenings 03/18/17

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Elizabeth is now pulling herself to standing! Little stinker. Didn’t she just learn to crawl?! She gets on her knees constantly, holds onto something nearby and then hoists her bottom into the air while straightening her legs (it looks a lot  like yoga, lol) and stands!

I’ve yet to get a good photo of her standing because I’m so nervous about her falling that I’m right there next to her spotting her (good mommy award, right?) But yesterday, she crawled over to her bookshelves and grabbed the second one up, and pulled herself up and sort of slipped, bumping her eyebrow and forehead (bad mommy, no j/k). :( Poor thing, she was quite sad about it. You can see the swelling and tiny cut in this pic, which I took long after she’d recovered (good mommy again, lol).

Anyway, she is extremely mobile now and getting into everything. I love it but it’s come faster than expected. She may be walking much earlier than her first birthday, which would be surprising because all three of her siblings were twelve months when they began walking. Or, maybe she’ll just crawl and stand for another 3½ months, who knows?

So, I was reading a book on frugality the other day and the author was talking about switching to different reusable things (most of which I was happy to see that we are already doing!) when coffee filters caught my eye. Why has it never occurred to me that we could use a cloth filter in the coffee maker?! So, I went on Etsy and looked at homemade options. But, after browsing, I’ve decided to make a few myself because they are SO simple! With a paper filter as my template, I’m going to make one. :) A post on my DIY success/failure with it to come!

As a closing thought, here is my refrigerator and proof that I did not go shopping this week and that, really, I should have because we have virtually nothing to work with. :P We don’t even have bread, and I’m getting tired of tortillas!

22 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 03/18/17”

    1. Bummer! I’m sorry it broke.
      My husband is coffee crazy (drinks an average of eight cups a day) and he is in love with our current 12cup maker, which takes paper. He likes the idea of trying reusable but he wants to maintain the flavor he’s used to! ;)

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      1. Not sure if you’re interested, but I had coffee filters on my shopping list tonight but my husband shopped alone and came home with a universal permanent coffee filter. He found it at Wal-Mart. It fits 8-12 cup makers, and it is Brew Rite brand. It is similar to what I had in the past, but instead of being the basket it fits into the basket. I will try it this weekend. 😀

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        1. Thank you for telling me! I’m going to try the cloth ones first because I already have the material (and I love DIYs) but I will definitely check it out should my attempt at cloth fail.
          Thanks again! :)

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  1. I cannot BELIEVE she’s already pulling up into standing! I wasn’t expecting that this early. It’s so cute, but also dangerous for her cute little face. By the way, I hope that the coffee filters turn out! :)

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  2. Oh, poor Elizabeth got an ouchie!! I’m glad she’s doing Yoga, though, it’s so good for you and maybe she will throw less tantrums because she will be relaxed hahaha what a beautiful, energetic baby. I’m inspired by you, I should start changing a few things around here to a more green version. What do I do about baby wipes? I used them for EVERYTHING. They are so convenient. What can replace that?

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    1. Hehe, yeah I like seeing her do baby yoga, too! :D
      Changing over to a more “green” (sustainable, less wasteful) lifestyle has been really important to me in the last few years. It’s crazy how much we throw away simply because most things are made as disposables. It’s satisfying to be able to reuse, I also really love buying secondhand – are there many charity/thrift shops where you live?
      Hmm, baby wipes…well, I’ve made my own cloth version of wipes, so they just go in the wash. You can use anything really. Old cut up t-shirts work well because they don’t fray! Or look up “cloth wipes” on Etsy – you will be blown away! :)


  3. Yay! Elizabeth is crawling! This is where life gets tougher (or crazier)…but you’ve got the good mommy award all around…she is in good hands. :) Good thing kids recover quickly, their curiosity and mobility gets them all sorts of scrapes and ouchies…I still worry about my kids and they are older. Oh, your fridge looks so organized! I can imagine even after you go shopping, it will still be organized though. Mine? A huge mess. The other day I pulled out some rotten food from the back of the fridge that was pushed back there and forgotten. You are inspiring me to clean more though! :)

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    1. Lol, yes life definitely gets tougher once they’re on the move! Though I also find that it’s easier in a sense because they’re not “stuck” where you put them, and simply being able to change position and go somewhere else can prevent (some) fussiness. Of course, she’s cutting four dang teeth right now, so there WILL be fussiness, regardless ha!
      Thanks, I like a tidy fridge! Haha, yuck – finding old gross food is not fun!! :P

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  4. Wow, standing already! I doubt she’ll be standing/falling for long. A few ouchies and they learn quickly. If your husband is just looking for caffeine, you might look into an Italian moka pot (you can get them on Amazon). It’s a metal pot that you make espresso in on the stove. All parts are washable and the coffee is good and strong.

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    1. I do hope she learns quickly…I think she will. :) Don’t want to hear her sad little cry of pain! Oh, so sad!
      Hmm, that moka pot sounds interesting, thanks. He loves the taste and “experience” of making coffee, I think (lol), but yeah, when he gets up early for work, he’s definitely looking for a caffeine fix. ;)

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      1. Those moka pots are fun to use, too. You put the water under the filter with the grounds and it bubbles through them up to the top. I think it smells great and I don’t even like coffee!


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