Thoughts & Happenings 03/22/17

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My cucumber plants didn’t make it. :( I had one thriving seedling and one that looked like it might hang on but when I attempted to “help” the plants by putting tiny stakes (toothpicks) next to them, I found them dead the next day. Yep, I killed them. lol Oh well, I tried really hard!

But look how well our strawberries are doing. They are quite happy. Yikes, POLLEN – it’s everywhere.

these are the white flowering ones
and the pink ones
we have our first berries growing!

I decided not to trim them back this year, but to go ahead and let them produce fruit because I want Samuel to get to watch the process. When I grow more in the future, I’ll definitely do right by the berries. ;)

* * *

So, we went to Zoo Atlanta yesterday afternoon. We are members and have been for a LONG time (we’ve gotten a membership most years for the last fifteen years!) but there were some surprises for us when we got there!

The two baby pandas (born last September) were out in the exhibit with their mommy. They were so fluffy and plump! It’s funny that Elizabeth is a few months older than them, lol

They also had a new experience for the kids called TreeTop Trails and it was opening day! With a safety harness on, you walk in the sky, above the playground, on ropes and boards.

It was great for my son, Joshua (13), to get to do; it challenged him, allowed him to do a zipline over and over again, and just really gave him a lot of physical stimulation (which he needs all the time).

It was fun, but a little scary for Maggie. And it was too difficult for Samuel, which we didn’t find out until he was out there (mommy heart attack here!) Maggie and Joshua had to help him come back. :P

We had a great time yesterday. The weather was fantastic, we finished at the zoo and got to Stephen’s work just as he was getting off (nice timing!) and had a lovely new dinner at home. I CRASHED when I got in bed at 10pm, lol.

Hmm, she looks a bit like the baby pandas…plump and fluffy!

23 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 03/22/17

  1. We have raised garden boxes in our back yard and our strawberry plants to very well-however, now that the plants are more mature, I noticed last summer they started to wander out of their box and into the mulch area. I also noticed that the birds really enjoy my berries so we put netting on top of the plants so they can’t get to them. My daughter is worse then the birds though because her little fingers tend to find the ripe berries so fast and in her mouth they go. Gardening is so fun with littles! Enjoy. It’s still pretty cold here in WI so we are still quite a ways away from enjoying the hobby!

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    1. That’s great! Yeah, we’ll see how all the local animals respond to “free fruit” on our porch, lol. Will probably have to look into netting at some point, too.
      Sorry, I know how long northern winters are (I’m from Michigan) but while you all are enjoying the pleasant warmth of summer in a few months, we’ll be completely melting and miserable! ;)

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  2. Oh Valerie, I’m so sorry about your cucumbers!! You didn’t kill them, unfortunately they didn’t make it but it’s not your fault. Look how happy your strawberries are! It seems like you had loads of fun at the zoo, I haven’t been to a zoo in so many years. And your little panda is so so cute and beautiful!

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    1. Thanks, Cheila! Well, it’s part of gardening, I suppose… Some plants won’t make it. The weather had a big role in their demise as it was warm and then suddenly very stormy and then cold, lol. Oh well! ^_^
      And thank you, we love our little cutie!

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  3. Sorry about the cucumbers but it’s definitely not your fault! :) I have very little success with cukes here too. I love your strawberries! This is the perfect time and I agree with a previous comment I have to keep a net on them. Even then, I still see some critters and bugs manage to get in! The zoo…so great for the kids! I wish we had a big zoo closer to us. Ziplining? That sounds awesome! :) Pandas are so cute…so lucky there’s 2 baby ones at your zoo! Love the photo of Elizabeth at the end…she’s definitely like a panda but much cuter. Love her smile and hair; adorable! Sometimes the most fabulous days are the most tiring; I hope you got plenty of rest!

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad to know it’s not just me, maybe cukes are challenging! The strawberries are doing great and I’m enjoying seeing the process of them growing.
      Oh, we had such a nice time. ^_^ I love the zoo. Yeah, these are the first panda babies Zoo Atlanta has gotten to have (they were born here but they’re actually considered “on loan” from China and will return there when they’re about 7 or 8 years old, isn’t that wild?)
      Thanks, her hair and smile makes us so happy!

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      1. Oh wow! What a treat to see pandas in person though! That is wild…that they are on loan from China. They are endangered, so I guess that makes sense. But makes them so much more precious. I hope the conservation attempts are working…pandas are so cute. Love seeing photos of your strawberries and especially Elizabeth. Pretty soon she might be able to eat one! :) Keep them coming! :)

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    1. Thanks. :) Yes! I’m going to look at young plants today, actually. ^_^
      Zoo Atlanta is fantastic, if you’re ever down here (hint, hint!) you should check it out! Samuel needs to be about six to twelve inches taller to really enjoy the new attraction because he can’t reach high enough on the ropes to steady himself. :/ I’m thinking we’ll wait until he’s seven or so before we try it again.


  4. I can’t believe you have berries already! The joy of living in the south. It’s 30 degrees here today. As someone who thinks standing on tip toes is too high I’m impressed the kids went on that zip line! And Elizabeth really does look like a cute little panda!

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    1. Haha, yes well, don’t feel too bad, as I mentioned to a friend in Wisconsin, while you are all enjoying the pleasant temps of a northern summer in a few months, we’ll be sweltering and only outside if there is WATER involved! ;)
      I am scared of heights, too! No way I could have gone out there with them! lol

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