Day in the Life

Day in the Life (March 2017)

March 23, 2017

Stephen woke me at ten after five, much to my displeasure (ha!), so I could take him to work an hour later. I had my cup of coffee while reading a few things online. My lower back and abdomen were bothering me, it was sort of like menstrual cramps but seeing that my period ended a few days earlier, it was confusing and frustrating.

Elizabeth woke to nurse just before we were ready to leave and then I got Maggie up. I warmed up the heating bag (rice) to take with me. It didn’t work; I held it against my belly, and then my back, but I was hurting the whole time I was gone. The pain finally subsided a short time after arriving home.

I finished up my peach cobbler blog post and published it at 7:00 and then started a load of laundry. I did a few things around the house and at 7:45, Elizabeth woke to nurse again. She stayed up afterward and was happy to hang out with Maggie while I showered. The boys woke up and we all officially started our day.

We found that poor baby girl had scratched herself some time in the night under her left eye. It looked so sad (!) but she was fine. :)

She enjoyed playing with her toys independently for awhile and then jumping in the doorway with Samuel watching. I did housework off and on for the next few hours; a quick clean of the bathrooms, another load of laundry, sweep, vacuum, fold and put away baby clothes, etc.

I also made a grocery list and planned our meals for the week. I ate breakfast, changed a diaper or two, and got Samuel on the computer. Maggie and Joshua were doing their chores and schoolwork.

Samuel was ready for a snack and Elizabeth was ready for her morning nap at 10:45. So, he ate and watched Odd Squad while I put her to bed. As soon as she was asleep, I got ready to go shopping. I left the house by myself shortly before 11:00, with Maggie babysitting at home.

I first looked at the plants at WalMart. Unfortunately, they seemed to have everything except the one thing I wanted – cucumbers! But that’s okay, I’ll get some at the local nursery this weekend (I’d rather support small business anyway). I got home from grocery shopping just after 12pm.

I was starving because I hadn’t taken a snack with me, so I was more than ready to eat lunch after getting all the groceries put away. Maggie said Elizabeth had slept up until about ten minutes before I arrived so she was rested and happy to crawl around.

We had lunch and then I started school with Samuel. We worked on some workbooks/worksheets, he added two more letters to the alphabet craft poster, and I read him three books.

While I was working with Samuel, Maggie was making homemade whipped cream to put on her strawberry shortcakes and Joshua was doing more independent school work.

I played with Elizabeth on the living room floor and she was determined to stand as often as I’d let her. She kept pulling to standing with the push walker and then taking a step or two. The little rascal was just as cute as she could be!

We started getting ready to leave the house and finally did at about 2:30. We ran a number of errands, such as dropping off the recycling, getting new sunglasses for Maggie and picking up a baby wading pool for summer.

When we got home, we tidied up and hung out for a little while. Elizabeth practiced her new skill some more and then Samuel went to play while Maggie, Joshua and I sat down to read the Bible.

We were cut short when Stephen called and said we could come pick him up. It was unfortunate timing because it was about six o’clock and I’d planned to start dinner as soon as we’d finished, but everything changed with that phone call. :P

Joshua stayed home but the rest of us left. We got to his work quickly and the ride home was equally as quick due to us having and using our Peach Pass and taking the express lanes home!

As soon as we got back, Joshua went outside to skateboard and I started on dinner. I was again starving! Of course, with good reason – it was 7:45 before dinner was ready. :(

After dinner, I gave Samuel and Elizabeth a bath. She decided she would again practice her newfound ability to pull to standing IN THE TUB, which meant I had to have my hands holding onto her nearly the entire time. My back didn’t appreciate that at all, lol.

By the time their bath was done, it was 8:45 and she was ready for bed. I nursed her and she went right to sleep. Afterwards, I got Samuel in bed, too. I read a few chapters in the new cozy mystery I’m reading and then I went to bed.  It was ten o’clock.

We had a nice day. I didn’t feel hurried or overwhelmed. I had things planned and even though a few things were unexpected, I felt flexible. :)

Thanks for following along!


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6 thoughts on “Day in the Life (March 2017)”

    1. Thanks, it’s crazy how much changes from month to month!
      Elizabeth is seriously enjoying standing, lol. And thanks, we’re using a bunch of little craft supplies to make the poster. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love these posts!! Such a nice time and such cooperative children you have! I love that you guys take time to read the Bible together in the afternoon. My parents do that, but we don’t. One day….

    Those cukes!! My husband just bought some tiny Jiffy pots (72 little spaces!) of soil and we planted all our seeds with our 3.5yo today, including the cukes. I hope ours don’t get rot…

    PS Does Samuel enjoy the Critter books? We do! My daughter really enjoys how hapless Critter really is, I think. She can’t read yet, of course, but really loves hearing those stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re not always cooperative but they definitely are MOST of the time; if they weren’t, I sure wouldn’t be happy homeschooling!! ;) Reading together has been a really positive thing for us, but we’ve only been doing it for a number of months now. I want to start doing Bible time with Samuel, too, but I’ve yet to make it a priority. :/
      Oh, good luck with your cucumbers! :)
      Yes, we love Little Critter books! And Franklin, Berenstain Bears, and…oh, lots of older ones.


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