Thoughts & Happenings 03/31/17

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I’m sorry for the delay in posting, I didn’t end up being seen yesterday so I didn’t have any news to share. :/ Because of insurance stuff (you have to love the insurance stuff!), the appointment fell through and I found out that I would have been able to go to the emergency room but not a regular doctor. And I really didn’t want to spend hours at the ER when there isn’t an emergency. I WILL be able to go to my OB/GYN on Monday, though and I’ve been told they’ll do blood work to look at my hcg levels and a pelvic exam. Possibly an u/s, too, if I’m still bleeding.

TMI, I had brown discharge all day yesterday and then woke up this morning to more bleeding, but it was different. It was brick red, not bright red. And (more TMI!) there were tiny clots. My body is sure cleaning itself out. :P

Also, this morning…

It’s darker!

According to my dates, I am (if not miscarrying/ed) 5w3d. I don’t normally test until I’m 6 weeks along (two weeks late) so I’m not used to seeing tests darken.

Yesterday, I had a lower backache and what felt like either ovulation pains or (very small) kidney stones passing (flank soreness). It was on and off all day. :(

Thank you so much for your prayers. ❤

*Update: Test Results (how it all ended)*

23 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 03/31/17

  1. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to be seen! I could come up with so many reasons that the bleeding might be happening, but I’m sure you’ve been doing that yourself for a couple days now. So instead I’ll just say ‘Congratulations’ on a surprise blessing! I hope everything is healthy from here on out and I will keep on praying!

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