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Thoughts & Happenings 04/07/17

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I’m attempting to get back to normal, so here’s what’s been going on in my life at the moment. :)

This week has brought some severe weather to my area! On Monday and Wednesday, we had not only tornado watches, but actual warnings (which is rare) and we ended up in my closet a few times like little sardines, lol. We don’t have a basement or storm shelter so my closet is the safest place in our home as it is in the center of the house, away from all windows and exterior walls. It was humorous and a bit stuffy to be in there with all four kids, haha. Stephen was at work both days so he didn’t have the pleasure of crouching on a closet floor, like I did.

Yesterday, you could really see and feel the aftermath of the storms. It was windy all day and the high was significantly lower than it has been. Our driveway, the road, and everyone’s yards were covered in debris. I believe we’re supposed to have similar weather today (wind, I mean) but then have a warm and lovely weekend.

We’re heading into spring break here. Most of the schools around here had spring break this week, but we are having ours next week. Maggie’s birthday is on Monday and then Easter will be the following Sunday so I like next week for our holidays. I’m thinking we should go to a few outdoor places and enjoy the weather. Maybe pick strawberries at a local place one of the days, and go to a nature preserve not far from us on another day. :) I’d like to take Samuel to a playground, too, but everything is either covered in pollen or it’s soaking wet. :P Ahh, Georgia’s spring.

I am currently reading the cozy mystery, A Scone to Die For by HY Hanna. It’s pretty good! I had thought about ditching it yesterday after having gone through an emotional roller coaster while reading it this past week (because it will likely be linked in my mind to the event in the future) but I really want to find out what happens! And I like the characters. :) I’m reading it as an eBook on my Kindle Fire. It was only 99¢

Wow, Elizabeth has been waking to nurse even more lately. Neither of us have been getting enough sleep (or, maybe she is since she sleeps in much later than me, I don’t know). But goodness, I guess I need to up her food or something because she’s waking every hour or two and it’s getting to be a bit much! But just look at that face, I can’t be mad at her, lol.

Okay, so I need some input. What do you do with your spices? I cannot stand my current arrangement!

For one thing, the wall holder I’ve been using for years is not large enough anymore because I have (and use) so many different spices now, so it needs to go. The other problem is that I want ONE kind of bottle/jar for my spices – the look of random containers does not make me happy, lol. So, where do you keep your spices and seasonings, and what containers are they in?

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        1. Lol this is what I do, and bigger spice containers just go in the cabinet. I cook with a lot of spices now, so I have a whole cabinet dedicated to them. Small ones on the lazy Susan (2 tiers) make it easier to find those.

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  1. There are some really nice counter and wall style spice racks which come with bottles. That might be an idea, or dollar stores have small containers and jars that might fit in your existing rack. My spices are inside a cupboard by the stove.

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    1. Thanks for mentioning the counter! I went on amazon and found one that I really like. I don’t know why I had in my head that my options were only the wall or a lazy susan. I found shelves and glass jars. :)

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  2. Elizabeth may be wanting to start eating bigger “real” meals. She’s getting to be such a big girl! I’m glad you didn’t give up on the book. I read a review and it sounds great. Your weather had me worried. Wednesday at the hospital a lady came in with a suitcase. She’d flown in from Atlanta and told me that her flight was delayed for most of the day because of the weather!
    I keep my spices on two, two-tiered lazy Susan’s but not by the stove. The only cupboard I could put them in is too high for me to be able to see what was up there. I’d like to figure out a way to keep them closer to the stove!

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    1. I would love to give her bigger meals but she still really struggles with texture. Her gag reflex is extremely sensitive and she can’t tolerate anything but purees. This limits things quite a bit. But the waking thing is also likely due to the fact that she ditched the pacifier about a month ago. :P
      Thanks for worrying but we’re safe! Maggie hates that this kind of weather happens almost every year at this time which has disrupted her birthday (which is on Monday) more than once. :/

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      1. Next Monday? I forgot about Elizabeth’s gag reflex. That makes it hard for both of you! I love thunderstorms but when we have tornado watches I get scared. Warnings gave me dragging every living creature in the house into the basement.

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        1. Tomorrow’s her birthday. :D She’ll be seventeen!
          I love thunderstorms, too, and even tornadoes (Maggie thinks I’m crazy), but I admit I was nervous on Wed when they showed the projected path of the tornado was literally heading straight for us!! O_O Thankfully, it fizzled out and we didn’t end up in any real danger. :)
          Yeah, not only is her gag reflex super sensitive but I think Elizabeth also has a bit of reflux. She spits up/throws up if she has more than a little bit of milk or food. I have to nurse her on only one side per feeding because she’ll lose a lot of it if I feed her on both – same with pureed food. *sigh* This, too, shall pass!! ;)

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          1. Seventeen! She amazes me. At seventeen I was the most scattered, frivolous kid in history. Maggie is so mature, thoughtful, and so devoted to God it blows my mind.
            I’m delighted that we’re supposed to have absolutely gorgeous weather here for a few days. I need to get into the garden. I don’t quite know how I’ll do it, considering I’m still walking around holding my side but I really need to anyway.
            Poor Elizabeth! I can’t imagine how icky it must be for her to be so sensitive. But, practice makes perfect, so she’ll get used to having food in her mouth and throat. I’ll add her to my list of people I ask friends to pray for.

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          2. Haha, I was a crazy teenager, too! I’m not sure how I ended up so lucky to have her as my first experience of raising a teen!
            Enjoy the weather! :)
            Thank you for the prayers for Elizabeth. I know she’ll eventually mature but it’s sure difficult now. :/

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  3. Oh man, that’s a lot of nighttime waking! How do you survive that? Seriously? I would be a zombie… Baby did that last week for one night and I couldn’t handle the next day… :(
    For spices I have it in a pull-out drawer (two drawers, actually – I have way too many spices) that basically only lets me see the top. A lot of spices have the label on top, though, and I try to put them in the same spot every time.

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    1. The waking thing isn’t as bad as it could be because she goes right back to sleep after nursing on one side for less than five minutes. ;) I’d “tank her up” but she throws up if she eats too much at once (sometimes even after just one side). :/
      Your spice drawers sound like they work well! :)


      1. I just visited my in-laws, and she puts her spices in a cute wooden box that seems like a sort of antique delivery box (you know the ones I mean?). It did use up valuable counter space, but if you could find one or two that aren’t too deep (to hold spices two deep?), you could even nail them to the wall as erstaz shelves. It was too cute to not mention it to you!

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  4. I can’t help much with the spices unfortunately. My parents keep them in a box in a cabinet… so not organized at all! 😅
    I did want to comment on the week of holidays though. My birthday, my sister’s birthday, and Mother’s Day are all within a week of each other. I love that we get so many celebrations so closely!
    Also baby Elizabeth just melts my heart with that face! 😍
    Stay safe!!

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    1. LOL, her hair has become her trademark!
      I don’t know if it’s teething or not (it seems to always be a possibility, though, right?!) but I think it has more to do with true hunger. She can only nurse on one side per feeding otherwise she can’t hold the milk down, so she nurses more frequently. The same thing happens with pureed baby food. :/ She barfs if I’m not really careful. :P


  5. Oh, sorry to hear about the weather. It must be kind of (ok, maybe more than kind of) scary to get tornado warnings! Eek, nursing every hour or two! Is she teething? We have mason jars that I asked my father-in-law to screw under our cabinets for our spices as well as a few magnetic spice jars that I put on my fridge. Stay safe (and have a wonderful Monday!).

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    1. I don’t think it’s teething because she’s not acting uncomfortable when she wakes; she acts hungry, nurses on one side and then instantly goes back to sleep. I’d feed her on both if I could but she throws up if she has too much. :P
      Ooh, I like the sound of mason jar spice storage!

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  6. I have never lived anywhere with really severe weather. Must be quite scary. The closest thing we ever had was our house shaking because they were blasting at the goldmines when I lived in Johannesburg.

    Little O is also very hungry and restless at night at the moment. I am not sure if it’s growth spurt/development related because he is so much more mobile or teeth as he is cutting two at the bottom or about me being back at work and there being no day time nursing for 4 days of the week. Whatever it is, I am feeling really tired.

    As for spices, we have a little bureau in our kitchen that has two very narrow shelves on it. I have assumed they are for spices and lined ours up there. They are all in the containers they came in but as most of them have come from the same store they’re mostly uniform.

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    1. Severe weather is (to me) exciting and scary. :P I love a good thunderstorm but tornadoes are quite intimidating!
      Yep, if it’s not one thing disrupting sleep, it’s another. *sigh* Hope you’re getting better sleep now (I’m sorry, I see that you added this comment a while ago! Not sure why I didn’t see it!!)


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