Seventeen Years

On this day, in the year 2000, I had my first baby; a 7lb9oz little girl with eye lashes that went on forever and such beauty that everyone commented on it. She was a miracle to me – I made her!! Her temperament was laid back like her daddy and her attentiveness was very much like my own.

Today is that little girl’s seventeenth birthday!

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Maggie here on WordPress, you’ll know what a sweetheart she is. Her blog, Dreaming of Guatemala (which became dot com today as one of her gifts!!) is as sweet as she is. She writes about the Lord and her walk with Him, shares recipes of yummy desserts that she’s made, and talks about little accomplishments and things she’s enjoying in her life.

Today, seventeen years after giving birth to her, I am in awe of the young woman she has become. Next year, she will technically be an adult. Again, if you’ve met her, you’ll know that she’s already more mature than a great many adults! lol But she knows she still has a lot to learn, as we all do.

She is the reason I wanted and prayed for another daughter when I was pregnant last year with Elizabeth – she made me love the idea that I could experience a similar relationship over the years with another little girl. But she’ll always be my first. My first child and my first daughter. She made me a mother for the first time. I was BLOWN AWAY by God’s goodness when she came into my life.

We don’t have very many people in our lives to celebrate this special day with us so I know it would mean a lot if YOU, our friends in this awesome blogging community, will wish her a happy birthday. ♥

Click here to visit her blog! Thank you!! :)

39 thoughts on “Seventeen Years”

  1. Thank you soooo much, Mom! ❤️ I was smiling the whole time I read this post. I am so thankful that the Lord gave us each other; I don’t know what I’d do without you!! 💕 Thank you for writing such sweet words!

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. That picture of her is toooooo sweet, what an adorable baby!!!! Maggie is truly a blessing, as you stated in your blog. She is a joy to talk to and loves God with all her heart, which is a pleasure to see!!! God bless you both! Happy Birthday Maggie!

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  3. Its great watching our adult children find themselves. Find their careers ect. You are a proud mama! She sounds like a lovely young lady! My 2 sons, went on the be US MARINES! I totally understand your pride in your daughter! I’ll be visiting your blog more often. Thank you for stopping by mine and taking the time to read my articles and reviews


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