A Scone to Die For ~ A Book Review

I had high hopes for this cozy mystery after reading some great reviews on it, and I’m happy to report that it did not disappoint! In fact, it is my favorite book in this genre so far. The mood was a little bit lighter than the others, which I believe has to do with the killer’s motivation – it’s not a cut & dry “bad” murderer.

Just like with the others, I experienced this one as an eBook and loved it. I read, for the most part, in bed while baby Elizabeth slept next to me, without having a light on. :)

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I really enjoyed the setting and storyline of A Scone to Die For. My visit to Oxford, England was a lot of fun! There were a handful of times when I was on edge but most of the book was simply enjoyable to read and I am looking forward to continuing in the series. There are currently five books, including the prequel.


Gemma ~ very likeable, she is hard-working and kind…she is the owner of a tearoom near Oxford University and finds herself helping investigate a murder.

Devlin ~ likeable, he is attractive and somewhat mysterious…he is Gemma’s ex-boyfriend and the main inspector overseeing the murder case.

Brad Washington ~ not at all likeable, he is belligerent, obnoxious and rude….he is an American tourist who is visiting Oxford with underlying interests.

Cassie ~ likeable, she is loyal and friendly…she is Gemma’s friend and co-worker at the tearoom.

Evelyn ~ likeable, she is forgetful and flighty…she is Gemma’s mother.

The “Old Biddies” ~ very likeable, they are spunky and excitable…they are elderly women who attempt to help with the investigation.

Fletcher ~ not very likeable, he is timid and keeps to himself, though he is kind to his cat and people he knows…he is the chef at Gemma’s tearoom.

Muesli ~ likeable, she is quick and funny…she is Fletcher’s cat.

Hughes ~ not very likeable, he is standoffish and grumpy…he is a professor at the college.

Justine ~ not very likeable, she is attractive yet peculiar and concealing…she has ties with one of the persons in the murder investigation.


The Little Stables Tearoom, in Meadowford-on-Smithe, is Gemma’s new future. She has come back to the small village, after eight years away, to pursue running the small business. When a dead body is discovered in that business, she gets involved in the murder investigation and, with the help of local gossip and her ties to Oxford University, helps solve the crime.

Initially, I was a little put off by the way the American was introduced; his character seemed stereotypical, but that didn’t continue throughout the book, thankfully. I also didn’t love the way British words seemed to be unnecessarily sprinkled in for effect. I know plenty of British people and they have a way of talking that makes them unique – they don’t just have a handful of words that make them sound British, lol.

But I really did enjoy the characters, storyline and how the murder was solved!

do I recommend it? yes!

…if you like cozy mysteries

…if you like tea rooms and British characters

…if you don’t mind a few tense moments

…if running a small business and/or starting over are of interest to you

…if Oxford University is of interest to you

Check this book out:



Author’s Website

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