Thoughts & Happenings 04/12/17

Joshua (13) came in the house on Monday afternoon saying that he had been coughing and wheezing while riding his bike. :( I was definitely surprised as he usually only has viral-induced asthma, not pollen or exercise-induced, and even viral is rare now that he’s older. As he told me about what he was feeling, which he described as being tight and restrictive, I told him he might should use his inhaler. I am not really even sure it’s helpful, honestly, but we have it so why not use it? Anyway, then I found out from him that he thought “wheezing” is what you call that tight, unproductive barking cough. :P No, that’s croup. Wheezing is the whistly, high-pitched sound. So, at least he hadn’t been wheezing, but the cough was still not good.

Joshua is quite dramatic (or, perhaps it’s just his hypochondriac showing), and he kept giving me updates on where it felt restricted to breathe…”here, here, and here.” So, I took him seriously. Well, then later that day, Samuel wanted to go outside to play with him and he said he couldn’t. He also didn’t want to go pick strawberries with us because he was afraid of it starting again. But when his friend asked if he could play in the early evening, he wanted to go out. And ride bikes. *sigh* I had to tell him no and remind him of the day’s earlier events, which he didn’t appreciate. :/ This isn’t an isolated event, although the asthma response while riding his bike is new. It’s frustrating to me that friends, YouTube and games/apps trump everything with him, even his health. :( And I don’t like that things were tense between us yesterday for a good portion of the day because the pollen count was very high and he continued to ask to go out with a boy in the neighborhood anyway.

He knew I was right, he just really likes going outside (he is our biker, skateboarder, scooter-er, etc.) He lives to be moving fast!

In other parenting news, Samuel (5½) has been quite challenging for the last few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because I was having health issues and wasn’t giving him attention like normal, or if some sibling things he has go on with Maggie and Joshua are the cause. Or, if being the middle child (not a big kid and not a baby) is to blame. At any rate, I’m praying for him and I’m trying to be as patient as possible without allowing unbecoming behavior.

And finally, I have some happy news – Elizabeth (9m) took bites of my homemade blueberry pancake this morning (plain, no syrup) and didn’t choke! She mildly gagged ONE time, but the rest of the little bites she took went down with no problem! I AM SO happy!! Before now, she has only managed purees so this is HUGE. :D She has also started drinking water out of a sippy cup with a soft, silicone spout.

Today, I have laundry to catch up on, breakfast sandwiches to make, water to drink(!) and hopefully a DIY to start on. I hope you’re having a lovely week!

9 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 04/12/17

  1. Yay for Elizabeth! But then, who could resist blueberry pancakes? I’m sorry to hear about Joshua. Asthma sucks. Mine is also allergy-induced. It’s even harder when you’re 13, want to go out and play with your friends and know your mom’s right when she tells you you should stay in.

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    1. Haha, well her problem has never been that of resisting food, just *choking* on it!! :P But yeah, blueberry pancakes are delicious!
      Ugh, sorry you have to deal with asthma stuff, too. I know, it’s hard for him to be okay doing what’s right when the other choices make him happier. :/


  2. Your kids all sound so different! Of could they’re all different ages so that likely has something to do with it. 😅 I’m glad Elizabeth can enjoy some pancakes now! Hopefully your boys will be feeling better soon.

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    1. They are definitely different kids and not simply because of their ages! It’s crazy how different personalities are in the same family.
      Thank you, I’m excited about her being able to eat more! ^_^

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