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After the D&C

I had my d&c early this afternoon and I am currently taking it easy at home. It went great (and there were even some amazing surprises that I’ll get to in a bit) so thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers!

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If you recall, I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight last night. So, in an attempt to feel reasonably good this morning (even though I’d be breastfeeding during the night), I ate a bowl of cereal at 11:25pm. This was at the recommendation of one of the lovely nurses in pre-op that I saw on Monday and I think it really helped! I also drank three full glasses of water before going to bed. I felt mildly hungry by about 10am today, and my stomach finally started growling at 1pm.

On our way to the hospital, I was definitely feeling sluggish and I had a slight headache. I don’t recommend fasting while breastfeeding, let’s put it that way! lol I was also pretty nervous, but I did a good job controlling the anxious thoughts by praying! :)

I checked in at 11:30 and got taken back shortly before noon. I was given my gown, hat and socks to put on. Then, the nurse got my IV hooked up (owwie!!) and she went over some different things with me.

The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me next. I actually knew her already (this was surprise number one!) as she had done my blood patch a few days after having Elizabeth, when I was having a massive spinal headache. I felt pleased knowing she would be the one in there with me because she did a fantastic job with the other procedure.

At 12:30, Maggie brought Elizabeth to my room so I could nurse her before they started. This would be the last feed until night (the rest she would need to drink by bottle/cup, hopefully). I was so happy about the timing of her feedings from overnight and morning (surprise number two!); she had only woken at 2am and 5am, nursing on one side each time, then nursed on both at 9am. When Maggie brought her to my hospital room, she was eager to nurse on both sides so she had a very full belly when they left me again. (She doesn’t normally flop the way she is in the photo below, she was drunk!)

Finally, a little after 1pm, my doctor came in. We chatted for a few minutes and she checked me out one more time (heart, lungs, etc.) and we were good to go. She said they were prepping the operating room and we should be ready by 1:30.

I watched a YouTube video (an Australian gal, can’t remember her name right now) and was thoroughly impressed with her ability to do makeup! Wow, I have a lot to learn! Anyway, just as the video was ending, two nurses came in to get me. I’m guessing they were going to be with me throughout the procedure but I can’t be sure since I was unconscious! The one nurse seemed like she felt exceptionally sorry for me when I told her what the pregnancy situation was (she had asked), but I assured her that all was well.

And so, they wheeled me into the operating room and honestly, I only remember about a minute or two after that. It was cold, I do remember that much, and I recall a nurse putting my arms out to each side. She covered my chest and arms with some sort of warming device, and then I wasn’t cold anymore. Another nurse put a mask on my face; she asked me if I was feeling relaxed and then asked again if I was feeling sleepy…….

then I woke up to my name being said. lol

I was wheeled into the recovery room and a new nurse was talking to me. Wow, was I fuzzy-minded! Then, it all came rushing back. Stephen came in and saw me. I was having some cramping, but it wasn’t bad at all; it felt like mild to moderate menstrual cramps, but oh, I’ve had much worse, so this was nothing! Dr. Moore came in and she told me the third and last surprise for the day! She said the procedure was simple and went absolutely great BECAUSE the tissue, in her professional opinion, did not appear to be a molar, but rather, an incomplete miscarriage only (which is easy to remove)! Just more proof that ultrasounds don’t show everything! Pathology will give her the results in the next few weeks, so we’ll know for sure then. This is excellent news because a molar is far more dangerous than an incomplete miscarriage so it’d be great for it to be that (an incomplete, I mean). The thing is, my hCG has been continuing to rise simply because there was placental tissue in there, not because it was growing. And she said the size and look of tissue she removed was not indicative of a molar. Yay!!

Maggie and Joshua came in to see me for a few minutes after she and Stephen left. I was so sleepy, goodness. Then it was time to be discharged. My legs felt weak and I was still really drowsy, but the cramping had stopped. I had thought it would be more severe and last for days but it hasn’t hurt since right after the surgery, and it’s been six hours at this point since then. :)

Elizabeth wasn’t too happy to be limited to expressed milk instead of breast, but she ultimately did take it when I was putting her to bed tonight.

And I guess that’s it! I am SO HOPEFUL that today was the last part of this story for me!! Thanks for following along and supporting me through it all! (((hugs))) to you guys!

*Update: Test Results (how it all ended)*

45 thoughts on “After the D&C”

  1. I am still sorry you went through this, but your surprises were good to read about. Waking up after procedures feeling like no time passed is so bizarre.
    (Unfortunately) This blog of yours will be helpful for other women searching for descriptions of what to expect.

    Praise God the procedure went smoothly, and doesn’t appear to have been molar!

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    1. I know, waking up like that is crazy! :P
      You know, that’s actually a large part of my motivation to share all the details, for others that will need them later. I hate to think of it, but it’s a reality that others experience this sort of thing, too. :(

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      1. Hopefully this season is passing quickly and you can all get back into a routine! I plan to homeschool too, but I have a hard time juggling without school already. I can’t imagine all that you’re having to fit in right now, and when your body seems to fight against you. It’s good you have your kids and a great husband there to support and love you through it all!

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        1. I’m hopeful that all we will have for the next handful of weeks is one trip to the doctor a week (my post-op visit next week and then weekly blood draws) but things *should* be basically back to normal. I don’t want any more phone calls, I can tell you that!! :P
          I just need to get lesson plans back to where they should be (I like having at least three weeks worth completely planned ahead). Homeschooling young children is both easy (because of the content being taught) and difficult because you have to do almost all of it with them. That being said, the amount of TIME it takes to do lessons is not as much as you might think. A classroom setting allows (and needs) much more time per lesson than doing one on one lessons. :) Samuel’s schooling (Kindergarten) takes an average of an hour of true academics and then however much time we spend doing other life/educational things. :) You can do it!!

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    1. Thank you! I know, SO many nice surprises yesterday! :D
      Haha, I know, she’s a major fuzz head. All the nurses and people in the waiting rooms were entertained by her “style” yesterday. ;)

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  2. I’m so glad everything went well!! Are you in pain right now? Hopefully not. I’m sure this will be the last of it and you will finally get back to normal life and to feeling like yourself, without the hormonal issues!! I’m really happy you are okay, Valerie!! Sending a big hug.

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  3. I’m both pleased it went well Valerie and that it wasn’t a molar pregnancy but sad you had to go through this. I hope you are resting and your body is recovering..sending hugs 🤗 your way x

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  4. Phew! That is good news to hear that you are doing well after what sounds like a relatively easy procedure. I’m sure having your family there, needing to nurse Elizabeth and wanting to take the best care of her (what a good mom!), and praying helped make the day go smoothly. I hope you don’t have any more cramping. Best wishes!

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  5. Glad that things went well…with good surprises too! You are amazing to have gone through all of this, nursing and processing this, and then writing about your experience. I hope you recover quickly and take time to rest. You deserve it! :)

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  6. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to catch up on what happened until now. Things around here…
    It’s great that Elizabeth was able to nurse so well before you went in but she’s really gotta stop getting drunk! How is she going to be able to drive to her modeling jobs if she’s three sheet to the wind!?
    The idea of eating right before your cut-off was brilliant! At least you weren’t completely starved before the procedure. Just mostly.
    And how the heck can you look so pretty right after having a D & C? I don’t look that good after I’ve worked at looking good!

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