Thoughts & Happenings 04/24/17

Elizabeth isn’t feeling well, though we’re not yet sure what she has. She had an elevated temperature on and off yesterday and Saturday, with it averaging 100.6-101.4 F but so far she hasn’t hadΒ a feverΒ today that I know of.Β She still doesn’t feel awesome, though. She felt lousy and tired and wanted to be held nearly all weekend, especially yesterday. She has a strange rash around her mouth that’s sort of patchy that showed up yesterday and it’s crusty today. ??? She hasn’t wanted solids and has had loose stool since Saturday.

We’re going to the doctor this afternoon, but does any of this sound familiar to you? I feel like her temp hasn’t been high enough to be roseola, and she doesn’t have enough symptoms for it to be most other things! I’m guessing it’s a strand of strep maybe.

45 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 04/24/17

  1. Poor baby.😞
    I don’t know what it might be. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.
    My husband just got my family’s fever last night. The only one who may have been spared the fever is the 2 year old. I can’t wait for us all to be over this.
    Hopefully Elizabeth’s illness doesn’t spread to your whole family and I’ll pray she recovers quickly.

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    1. Thanks, the strep test came back negative so he thinks it’s just a random virus. She had a low-grade fever at the office but she’s feeling pretty good tonight after a long afternoon nap. ^_^
      Wow you’re husband was late to the party! I’m surprised any of you were still contagious since it first hit so long ago. Aww, yay I’m glad your two year old didn’t get it. πŸ’•

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      1. Glad it isn’t strep. :)
        I thought hubby got away without getting it too. His temp is just over 100, so he isn’t taking any medication but he feels pretty miserable. I recently looked up how long colds were contagious and the results I found were 5-7 days once symptoms appear, and of course a few days before too. I guess we’ve just been catching it at the end of the possible contagious period.

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    1. Ugh, my five year old had hfm a few years ago and it was soooooo awful for him. He hurt so much in his mouth and could only drink milk for over a week. :(
      The doctor wasn’t sure today about Elizabeth but he’s pretty confident it’s only viral after the strep test was negative, ears, noise and chest are fine, etc. :)

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      1. That’s good! Feel better little baby! Yeah I forgot to add that when my 18mo caught HFM she got a few blisters and had a fever. I however caught it too and blistered so bad I lost all the skin on my hands and feet! I missed work for WEEKS! Totally the worst, I’m glad thats not what she has going on!

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    1. Thankfully, her ears are fine (I had soooo many ear infections as a child, ugh!!) and it’s not strep either. The doctor thinks it’s just a virus of some sort. :) Thank you! πŸ’•


  2. I hope she gets better soon…poor baby! I’m glad she was already seen by the doc; it’s always good to rule things out. Initially I thought impetigo from the description, but doesn’t look like it in the picture, so I hope she gets over this virus as soon as can be. :)

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    1. Yeah, I don’t like to rush in but with babies, well, you just don’t know exactly what’s bothering them because they can’t tell you! So I like to rule out those painful (and sometimes silent) bugs like ear infection and strep.
      Thank you! πŸ’•

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