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Schedule // Spring 2017

So…routines and schedules rarely work for long in our house. If it’s not one thing happening to completely change things (like going from two cars to one, or a child getting sick and passing it around), it’s another. But if I don’t at least TRY to implement a routine, there’s no chance of having success, right?

My main focuses right now are:

1) getting Elizabeth on a bit more of an eating/sleeping schedule (we’ve been mostly on demand for her whole little life but I think she could definitely benefit from having things happen around the same time each day, so we’re gonna try it)

2) doing school lessons with Samuel every single day (he really, really wants to learn how to read, so this is super important)

3) reading together in the afternoon (I think doing family read alouds are so special but I tend to skip it when other things come up so I’m wanting to prioritize this again)

4) providing ample work for Maggie (she thrives on having purpose and knowing what she needs to work on. Since she has finished most of her eleventh grade subjects, I need to sit down with her and come up with topics/focuses for her to spend time on in the next few months)

5) getting Samuel in bed earlier (he has been going to sleep closer and closer to ten o’clock at night and, as much as I love him, I need time without him before I go to bed myself)

So, the following schedule is basically my ideal day for when we do not have the minivan and we’re at home all day, which at this time is about three to four days a week. As a reminder, Maggie is 17, Joshua is 13, Samuel is 5 and Elizabeth is 10months.

Okay, here we go…


6/6:30 wake up, blog, listen to sermons or music

7:30 wake the kids, take my shower, start laundry and tidy bathroom

8:00 wake elizabeth (breastfeed if needed), set out school lessons, eat my breakfast, kids do electronics (tv, tablets, computer)

9:00 electronics off, kids eat breakfast, feed elizabeth in highchair (fruit and puffs), kids do their chores

9:30 elizabeth plays in bedroom while I make beds, tidy shelves, etc.

10:00 elizabeth plays in living room and watches baby show, joshua snack and youtube (science show) and then school (reading, spelling and writing), maggie school (her choice), samuel snack and then school (read library books for story quilt, hooked on phonics lesson, alphabet craft, penmanship lesson)

11:00 breastfeed elizabeth and put her down for nap, samuel plays in his bedroom or outside, maggie school until lunch, joshua read to me and then play with samuel, misc housework for me.

11:30 samuel school lessons with me (math, writing), joshua ride bike/skateboard

12:00/30 lunch and clean up, feed elizabeth in highchair (if up, if not then feed once up)(cornbread or cereal and another fruit)

afternoon (no times listed because there’s honestly no point as each afternoon varies so much)

maggie and joshua finish independent school, samuel plays and watches educational tv show(s)

elizabeth nurses and naps, samuel and I do an activity together (science, game, or craft), maggie free time, joshua plays in neighborhood with friends

elizabeth still napping or up playing in living room, read aloud (me reading Lion, Witch, Wardrobe) in living room

I do housework and dinner prep, kids hang out together

elizabeth eats in highchair (meat and vegetable, puffs) read aloud (Extreme Journey – maggie and joshua take turns reading), samuel colors at table


6:30/7 dinner and clean up

7:30 watch show (old sitcoms) and/or play wii game together (all of us)

maggie and joshua free time until bed (11:00/30)

8:00 samuel and elizabeth bath/pajamas, wind down, breastfeed and bed for elizabeth, samuel just tv (no computer or tablet) until bedtime (9:00) read Bible story book every night with him

9:30 read alone or watch a show/movie with Maggie and Stephen

10:00/30 bed for me

20 thoughts on “Schedule // Spring 2017”

  1. Wow! Even knowing you have four children and reading your past Day in the Life posts hasn’t quite put the whole “busy day with four kids at four different ages” thing in perspective. This is so much to juggle each day! Even with two older kids who can help with chores, this is tremendous. I wish you luck with the schedule! I try to keep to one as well, but it’s hard to stick to it. Babies ruin everything for me, but I see how in your house she really goes with the flow – I can’t imagine how it’d be if life followed her schedule to a T.

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    1. As much as I love being at home and caring for everyone, it IS a lot to juggle. :/ I sometimes feel overwhelmed, but that’s when I need to sit down and do this – evaluate what I’m doing well and what I need to work on…ask what’s important and what needs to wait right now? Then, I feel much better going forward. Right now, I’m planning to reevaluate every season and see how that goes! Thanks for the support! :)


  2. I love your planning of your schedule and routine. It is SO difficult to accomplish this with everything going on but I know it’s better once you write it down. You are inspiring me to do the same! Though I don’t know if I can stick to things as well as you do! :)

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  3. Schedules/routines are super helpful! They also (as you pointed out) need to evolve once in a while. I have a loose-ish routine that allows me to clean, do laundry, cook, get the kids to daycare and back home, have time to myself…). Where I’m intransigent is with nap times and bedtimes. Elliot has been on a nursing “schedule” since he was 4 months old (I say “schedule” because if he’s unwell, or clingy or I know he just needs to cuddle and nurse, I won’t deny him just because he’s not “due” to nurse for “x” amount of time). Good luck with it – your days are crazy, especially given that you homeschool. I think it’s amazing that you’re so organized!

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    1. Yeah, naps and children’s other needs end up changing schedules the most, I think. School subjects do as well, in my case.
      Thanks, though I don’t think I’m as organized as I seem, lol. We follow a routine but it’s a lofty dream to follow an actual schedule every day! I’m gonna try again with this, though!!


  4. I tend to be a “routine” person but I also often slack on my afternoon & evening routines. I’ve been taking an online homemaking course, and this week was about our routines & schedules! I seriously spent the whole day today coming up with my ideal schedule! I will be flexible with it, but on paper it looks like there is plenty of fun/free time so I hope it will play out that way in the coming week(s)!

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    1. LOL, how interesting/ironic that you have been focusing on homemaking schedules lately, too! I still want to make another one for days that we have the van, though it will be trickier because my husband’s work differs.
      Man, I need to fix something because I don’t have any fun/free time except in the early morning – that’s awesome for you, though!! Who is the online course through? :)

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      1. Ha, well I only have two children and we aren’t homeschooling yet…..You definitely have much more on your plate! I joined “My Homemaking Mentor” which is a Homemaking Training Academy with Jami Balmet from Young Wife’s Guide. She’s pretty awesome! Enrollment is actually closed right now :/ but it will open back up in the fall if you are interested!

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