Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts and Happenings 05/02/17

Elizabeth is now walking with her little push walker! It’s the cutest thing, she looks like she’s pushing a tiny shopping cart or something. ^_^ In other exciting news, she ate apple cinnamon oatmeal yesterday for the first time and liked it!

Did I mention that’s she’s feeling better? It turns out that it WAS roseola after all so apparently a child doesn’t have to have a “high” fever for it to be roseola (her highest was only a little over 101 whereas both boys hit 103 when  they had it years ago). Anyway, she’s back to her happy little self, thank goodness!

Also really exciting, Samuel (our VERY picky eater) tried and liked ham today! I actually don’t eat it myself but I sure want him to if he is willing! ;)

A few days we went to Kohl’s so I could get a few tops for myself and while we were there I saw an amazing sale on baby/toddler clothes. Not a fake sale (where everything is grossly overpriced and the sale price is just a normal charge), but a really great sale, with tops and bottoms were $4-6 each! Usually, that kind of pricing is reserved for low quality garments but these remind me of Carters or Oshkosh. I ended up buying two complete outfits as well as a skirt and top (not matching). :)

I don’t buy her many new clothes because she has grown out of things so fast but lately she seems to have slowed down so I am risking it! The tops are 24m and the bottoms are 3t. Lol, have I announced that she turned 10 months last Wednesday? Only two months until her first birthday!

Where do you buy most of your baby/toddler/child’s clothes?

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  1. So happy that she’s feeling better! Yeah! That skirt is absolutely adorable! We buy most of the baby/toddler/kid clothes at Walmart or Carters/Oshkosh. There’s also a shop called ‘Aubainerie” (which loosely translates to “bargain store”). Though some of the brands they carry are very affordable, most are pretty expensive, so we have to keep an eye on price tags.

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    1. It’s such a joke! The cashier gave me the receipt the other day at Kohls and announced that I saved $97, to which my 13 yr old looked impressed…I laughed and told him that I wouldn’t have bought the stuff if it would have cost that much so it wasn’t a savings. ;)

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  2. Those are my kind of prices!! I refuse to pay full price and will stalk any item I want, like, or need until it is marked down to clearance. :) Those outfits are adorable! I’m happy you found some tops for yourself too. That’s always icing on the cake :)

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  3. Eek, she’s almost walking! Very cute!
    I had no idea the term fake sale was real, but I would 100% apply that to Carters! Their “MSRP” prices are rarely charged…. But I do shop there only if there is a mega sale. Else I do Target, especially when it’s on sale. I JUST discovered Old Navy carries nice kids clothes, and I hit a sale last Friday with shirts and shorts for $4 each!!! You can buy online, too, which I did for more things for the baby and some new jeans for me (omg it’s been a decade!) – so I got free shipping because I spent over $50. Else we borrow clothes from friends. :)

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    1. I don’t know if fake sale is something other people say or not but it absolutely IS a thing!! And it drives me crazy. lol Yeah, Carter’s and Oshkosh and Gymboree…those stores all do it. I love their clothes but they better have a real sale or I won’t be shopping. Hey, thanks for the tip, I’ll have to look at Old Navy’s website! :)


  4. So cute! I always wonder how they come up with the seemingly arbitrary baby clothing sizes. My daughter was in 2t at one year old, and is now almost 3 and can still wear many of the 2t items. Only a couple of items lasted 2 years, unfortunately, cause I suck at stain removal. I’m a fan of the Target clearance rack!

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    1. Thanks. :)
      I know! It makes it seem like something is wrong with your child even when they are perfectly healthy and growing right! lol Hahaha, I am awful at stain removal, too! :P

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  5. Very cute! I love the new clothes and yay for just about walking! Most of my baby’s clothes were hand me downs from her older siblings, but if I saw a good sale at Kohl’s, Target, and the mall, I would go for it too! Don’t you just love finding good deals? :)

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    1. Hand me downs are awesome! I saved a lot of Maggie’s clothes but most of them haven’t been the right season to match the size because of Elizabeth’s exaggerated growth pattern, lol. I don’t shop department stores very often but when I do, I like shopping their sales! Yes, great deals make my day!!

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      1. As much as I love hand me downs, you are totally right on the season matching problem and patterns. As they get older, I find that their preferences differ…color and characters, etc., so sometimes I end up buying new clothes. So deals are fantastic! But for the most part indoors, hand me downs works. And then they get old enough to start objecting! :0


  6. My mother-in-law goes nuts buying Little O clothes so I hardly ever buy anything. I did recently buy a load of really nice second hand stuff from a friend though, which has been lovely. Otherwise I buy from Mothercare, Marks and Spencer, Next or Tesco/Sainsbury’s, which are big supermarkets here. All UK brands, of course!

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  7. Great deals! I try to never pay full price for baby clothes, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. The H&M here in Italy have huge kid sections and in July and January, everything is deeply on sale. I can get shirts and shorts for 4 euro and pants for 7. Other than that, Facebook resale pages, friends, and the thrift store are my go-to! And asking my mom to go to Carter’s for me.
    Hooray for walking! Now she can get into trouble faster. ;)

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  8. See, I find good deals at Kohls pretty often! But only because I have a Kohls charge and so they send me the 30% off coupons. So I buy things that are on sale, and then get another 30% off on top of that! I get a lot of great deals on my clothes that way!

    As for kids’ clothes, I usually buy them at a local consignment sale! Usually everything I buy looks brand new, and I usually spend between $2-3 per item. I love it!

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    1. That’s great! I rarely go into Kohls anymore, I’m sure find great sales if I went more regularly, lol. We had a charge card through them years ago but we don’t do any credit at all now.
      I LOVE consignment sales and secondhand shops! Such a great way to stretch a dollar. :D

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      1. Consignment sales have worked great for clothes for my kids, but I haven’t had much luck on things for myself. Any items I have bought secondhand have turned out to be very poor quality and haven’t lasted very long.

        We actually just started using credit cards this year after we became debt-free. We pay the balance in full every month, so we never pay interest. We decided to get a credit card simply for the cash back. Anything we buy on our credit card is 1.5% cashback, and anything we buy on our Amazon credit card is 5% cashback. We have found it to be a good way to save a little bit more money on our purchases.

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        1. Same here, we by kids clothes secondhand but not too many adult. I do find that blue jeans are great, though!
          We went through bankruptcy back when the economy essentially crashed and my husband’s work grinded to a halt because subdivisions and such stopped being built for a while (we didn’t have the money to make any headway on our debt and even started missing payments and having fees incurred). Anyway, after the bankruptcy was complete, I decided I never wanted cards or any financing (etc) again. So, we’re debt free now and have been for years. My husband has talked about doing what you guys are (which is really smart, by the way!) but the whole experience was really stressful for me and I am not ready to have any credit in my name at this point. :/

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          1. I totally understand! We waited a long time because we didn’t trust ourselves to pay the bill every month, LOL. We finally got to a place that we have systems in place to make sure we pay all of our bills on time though. Early in our marriage we paid late fees pretty often, so we knew that would be a struggle and that we would end up paying interest. Thankfully both of our credit cards are set up to automatically pay the balance in full every month, without us even looking at it. That is super helpful!


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