Weekly Meal Plan {May 3-9}

I’m focusing much more on my diet (healthy eating, not weight loss) this week, and in order to do that effectively, I have to actually PLAN my snacks and meals! I’m also wanting to get back to trying new recipes. :) Here’s what we’re having for dinner in the coming week:


Ravioli Bake (new), broccoli and breadsticks
what I already have cheese ravioli, marinara sauce, broccoli, breadsticks
what I need to buy mozzarella cheese
prep work none


Slow Cooker Buffalo Meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and corn on the cob
what I already have buffalo sauce, onion, honey, seasonings
what I need to buy mac & cheese, corn, ground turkey, crackers, apricot preserves
prep work start slow cooker by noon


Chicken roll-ups (new) and rice
what I already have rice, cream of chicken soup
what I need to buy crescent rolls, chicken
prep work none


Italian Shells (Hamburger Helper), mixed vegetables, and biscuits
what I already have hamburger helper, milk, parmesan cheese, mixed veggies, biscuits
what I need to buy ground turkey
prep work none


eat out!


Quesadillas, red potatoes
what I already have potatoes, tortillas, barbecue sauce
what I need to buy sharp cheddar cheese
prep work none


Pizza and side salads
what I already have salad dressing, croutons
what I need to buy salad, pizza
prep work none

Do you meal plan?

What are you having for dinners this week?

26 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan {May 3-9}

  1. I don’t have a meal plan when hubby isn’t here. I tend to eat like a teenager who has been left alone in the house with free reign in the kitchen :) But when he is home, like last week, I have it planned out like a well strategized military operation lol. I guess it’s no fun cooking for just one :)

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      1. She’s doing it fancy and a lot healthier :) Just to give you an idea of how bad I am when he isn’t home. Yesterday for breakfast, coffee and 2 granola bars. Lunch half of a homemade pimento cheese sandwich, dinner, lol, 4 Hershey nuggets and a bag of potato sticks (you know those thin crunchy greasy lol things.) LOL it sounds so much worse typing it. But I did just drink water :):) except for the morning cup of coffee :)

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  2. Tomorrow we’re making my husband’s favorite – homemade pizza (what a Brooklyn boy!!). I’m making 1.5 batches of dough so we can make breadsticks later in the week. I have no new meals planned for this week (it’s rare that I do!). But your broccoli bake looks delicious! Let us know how it came out.

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    1. I’ve yet to learn how to properly roast a chicken, but I find it hard to deal with most meats. :/ For example, I have to buy turkey breast at Thanksgiving as I cannot stuff an actual turkey, lol.


    1. Ooh, I hope it went well! I’ve never made (or eaten) artichokes. I love marinated chicken! Which seasonings do you use? :) I like oregano, garlic, cayenne pepper (a little bit!), salt and pepper.


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