What’s in my Makeup?

I went to Ulta for the first time ever about three hours ago. It was just me and Elizabeth and I was in heaven!! So many brands, sooo many products and testers!! Oh my! I got to look at things I’ve only ever read about online or seen on YouTube. It was awesome, lol.

At one point, I was looking at Smashbox primers and I was baffled by the number of options in front of me so when a perfectly (!) made up sales associate came over and asked me if I needed any help, I asked her what the best way of choosing a primer was. She asked which kind I thought I needed for my skin and I said I have oily skin. She said she had just the one I needed and immediately took me to another aisle, which irritated me a little bit since I was interested in the Smashbox ones, but when she put a tiny dab of Becca on my skin and I massaged it in, I was amazed! Holy cow, it was such a crazy cool texture. I asked about the price and she replied that it was $36 for 1.35oz *gulp* so I told her I was going to check out the Smashbox ones and see how they compared. She thought I meant price, but I actually meant texture, so she said they were about $2 more than Becca. I said okay and started walking away with Elizabeth. The associate nearly rolled her eyes at me, I kid you not, and I went back to the aisle I had been on when she and I had first met. I tried two or three of the Smashbox primers and was thoroughly unimpressed. I probably wouldn’t have been except that I had unknowingly already experienced the holy grail of primers a few minutes earlier! Smashbox felt like a basic moisturizer, or maybe a liquidy lotion – nothing like Becca, which feels like a liquid that changes into a matte canvas.

As I returned to the Becca display, she smiled with a look that said I told you so and I admitted how incredible Becca was and how different it felt from the others. She knew, that’s why she’d brought me over to begin with! I then understood the reason for her (almost) eye roll, lol.

So, I called Stephen and told him I really wanted to buy it and asked if I had his blessing on a (tiny!) forty dollar bottle of magic. He, being the awesome husband that he is, said that it was fine so I ran to the counter and purchased it as well as signed up for a free Ulta rewards card.

Happy story, yes. But happy ending, no.

I made the mistake of reading the box after buying it and found out that it has two kinds of parabens in it. :( I fumbled to remember exactly what that means, and the word cancer kept coming up in my mind. I looked it up online and my fears were confirmed. Lots of ugly things about parabens.

I am new to the makeup scene so maybe this is common knowledge, I don’t know, but it surprised me and made me upset – I had been absolutely stoked about the primer!! And now I don’t get to use it. And what’s worse, I went and looked at my makeup and I have at least three other products that I use regularly that have parabens in them as well. :(

So now I’m on a quest for paraben-free makeup. I have a feeling my choices will be limited…

20 thoughts on “What’s in my Makeup?

  1. What a bummer! Your story had such promise! Haha, but yes, it can be tough to find good makeup. I made the mistake of just buying stuff because of how it looked and felt regardless of what was in it. I’m using up the stuff I have but I’m going to pay closer attention to that when I run out of products and need replacements.

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    1. Lol, I know, it was such a good experience until the end!! :P
      I am hopefully going out today and will look at different product lines to see if I can find some healthier options. :)

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    1. Me either! I only read this one because I was admiring the pretty Italian box the primer came in!! I’m going to be looking today when I return the primer to Ulta. I’ll try to do an update post soon. :)

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    1. I know, it never occurred to me to look. I just found out this morning that my daughter’s shaving gel (by Aveeno) has at least two parabens in it. :(


    1. Seriously! Haha, how much would might it cost for it to be cancer-causing-free?? Parabens are preservatives that prevent bacteria growth and are anti-fungal, so I can appreciate the reason for it BUT the long-term effects aren’t worth it. :/

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  2. I don’t even know what parabens are. 😒 I guess I’ll be doing some research tonight. I don’t use makeup, but I bet I’m still exposed to it somehow.😉 Thanks for sharing what you found. I know I put too many chemicals in/on my body. It’s so hard to stop using products you love or think you need for what might only be a tiny risk. You just never know if you’ll be that .001% that has a bad reaction.

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    1. I don’t know much about them, but from what I’ve read they are preservatives that prevent bacterial growth and have anti-fungal properties. The amount used in cosmetics is very, very small which is why our lovely government allows them, but I just can’t put something on my skin that could possibly harm me later. Not to mention that I’m breastfeeding so my baby could be affected as well. :(

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  3. OH geez about the eye rolling … validated or not, that was rude of her! I thought that was going to end differently, lol….
    I’m bummed about the toxic (however slightly) primer. It’s probably the parabens that make it work so well. :)
    I just checked my L’Oreal mineral makeup and surprisingly there are no parabens! But my liquid foundation that I occasionally (very occasionally) use does…

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    1. Haha, I agree, quite rude! :P
      “It’s probably the parabens that make it work so well.” – I hadn’t thought of that! lol
      I’m glad your makeup doesn’t have any in it, that’s great! There are a LOT of carcinogenics used in cosmetics, I’ve found out and they’re not only parabens. I’m pretty disgusted by the whole thing!


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