Hannah’s Homestead Shop ~ Natural Body Butters

Lately, I’ve been exploring natural skin care products, and getting to enjoy some amazing body butter has definitely made the experience extra lovely.

Viktoria is the mom and homesteader behind a new Etsy shop called Hannah’s Homestead Shop. She named the shop after her young daughter, Hannah, and loves involving her in the process of creating and using homemade products.

She kindly sent me two of her body butters to try and I positively fell in love with them! The first is a jojoba and argan butter blend and it seriously smells like you just walked in to a NATURAL version of Bath & Body Works! It is a really strong and pleasant smell. I’ve enjoyed applying it on my feet many times now and a few times on my legs after shaving. There are also a number of other ways to use body butter:

  • it is an intense moisturizer, great for very dry skin, especially rough areas like elbows and knees
  • it can be used in your hair to smooth flyaways or as a deep conditioner
  • it is perfect for a nails, fingers, and hand massage

The other body butter she sent me is a mix of cranberry, acai, coconut, argon, olive oil, jojoba, shea and cocoa butter. To me, it smells even better than her other one (if that’s possible). I absolutely love it! The scent is not quite as strong so I am able to put it in my hair and on my hands/cuticles without it overwhelming me. I have liked switching from using conditioner after shampooing to simply applying a bit of body butter throughout my hair and on the ends.

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I also enjoy doing a simple and relaxing hand massage using techniques from this video, and Viktoria’s body butter makes a great base to use. There are many other uses of body butter as well. I found this article especially helpful. Just a few of them are: cuticle softener, after shaving leg balm, and soften dry patches. :)

Hannah’s Homestead Shop offers homemade soaps and bath salts as well. Her products are lovely, natural and homemade. Definitely check it out if you’re in the market for some natural pampering! ♥

Do you love body butter? What’s your favorite way to use it?

18 thoughts on “Hannah’s Homestead Shop ~ Natural Body Butters

  1. I love body butters especially in the Winter, when my skin gets really dry. I’ve never thought of using them as conditioner, though. I guess I’d be afraid that it would make my hair greasy. No issues with that on your end?

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    1. It definitely depends on the product! These two are not greasy at all but the cream/butter that I posted about previously is and would be gross in my hair!! 😉 I take a little bit of the cranberry one and rub it my hands before smoothing it into my hair; it doesn’t take much. 😊

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    1. Lol! I don’t have dry skin (except for a tiny bit in the winter on the tops of my hands) and I can’t say that I’ve ever given much thought to my elbows!! How funny. 😄


  2. I love jojoba oil, and use it on my face as a moisturizer. It is the closest thing to the oil our face makes itself and so it absorbs into the pores, and actually works as a cleaner also, purging the pores themselves. It also has a healing, and antibacterial. It also heals and prevents eczema. I don’t have that but found it interesting. :) All the expensive stuff you can buy in the stores has jojoba oil in it. I live by that and witch hazel as my toner :)

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      1. Sorry for the slow reply but we were on vacation :) Yes, the Jojoba oil is amazing. It was a little expensive, I thought, because the bottle is little but it only takes literally 2 or 3 drops to moisturize your face. It’s lasted almost a year. Me and hubby each got a bottle and he loves it too, after shaving.


    1. Yeah, butters are great for winter dryness, but I’m thinking I will still be using the cranberry one as conditioner this summer, a few times a week. 😊


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