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Pregnancy after the D&C

Hi there!
I hope your summer has gotten off to a nice start. Mine sure has, and I’ve really been enjoying my break. :) I’m writing tonight because I have some news to share.

Remember how I said in a recent Thoughts & Happenings post that I had ovulated and was getting back to normal? Well…

Today I found out that I am pregnant again! I’m serious!!

It’s only been seven weeks since the D&C (which, if you’re just joining me was because of an incomplete miscarriage) so we are definitely surprised! :)

Here’s what happened: I went to my OB/GYN on Tuesday because I had started feeling the urgency to pee on Monday and again on Tuesday, which is really weird for me. So, they collected a urine sample when I first got there to be able to send it away to the lab to look for a bladder infection. Well, they automatically test for pregnancy at every visit and it was positive! It was thought that it was probably leftover hCG from the miscarriage (which was over 19,000 in mid-April) but when my numbers came back on Wednesday as 4,803, they changed their tune a bit and scheduled an ultrasound for yesterday.

I worried that I’d need another procedure or something, that maybe it had been a molar pregnancy after all, but nope!

I was absolutely stunned when I saw the screen and heard the tech say, “Hmm, looks like a new one. Yeah, that’s a new pregnancy!” ^_^ Measuring about 5½ weeks.

We don’t have an official due date yet but that will hopefully happen next week when I have another ultrasound and we see the fetal pole and they can get a really clear measurement. But it looks like sometime late January/early February if things continue.

I am so happy. Of course, not knowing if it will last (I’ve had four miscarriages) is always scary. But I am thankful that I am pregnant today!!

Okay, so hey, we haven’t told the kids yet, so if you are friends with my daughter, Maggie, please don’t say anything to her. :) Thank you!!

Tomorrow I will find out a little bit more (which is when we will likely tell Maggie and Joshua). I had my blood drawn after the ultrasound and it will be compared to Tuesday’s number. That will tell us a lot. :)

It makes me super nervous to share this on here because what if?…but I need the support and I am excited!! Please pray that we get a big hCG jump tomorrow and that this child is healthy. Thank you!!!

55 thoughts on “Pregnancy after the D&C”

  1. Hi Valerie, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I’ve had an incomplete miscarriage too (in 2015) and that really broke me. We decided to wait for a year after that to try for another baby, and I was strict with my pre-pregnancy vitamins, especially iron as I was anaemic. In August last year I found out I was pregnant and since then till my daughter’s birth, I was nervous and worried that something will go wrong.. My rainbow baby was born healthy this year April, and has just reached her 8-week milestone… don’t lose hope.. I am sending you lots of love and best wishes from Melbourne, Australia..


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