Baby #5 | Pregnancy after D&C | Week Eight

Hello all! I thought I’d stop in to give a little update on the baby jelly bean. :) He or she looked fantastic on the ultrasound monitor today and had a heart rate of 168 beats per minute!

After the ultrasound, I had my first official prenatal appointment with one of the midwives. It went well and everything looks good. I had blood drawn to check for all kinds of things, one of which is my platelet count (I am curious about this one because I’ve had low platelets during my last two pregnancies)…I should know the results by Monday at the latest. The rest of the appointment went fine. Nothing new. I go back in a month.

If you missed it, I am due on February 7th which means I will be having a January baby because my surgery will be scheduled for thirty-nine weeks, not forty. See, I am about 95% sure at this point that I want a repeat c-section, not a VBAC. This is because my babies will only be 19 months apart at the time of the birth which means the risk of uterine rupture is greater, and because this is our last child so I will be having a tubal ligation during my cesarean. I also, honestly, have ZERO desire to experience the pains and sensations of labor and birth again. I really don’t. I’ve had three babies naturally, and a fourth who I labored naturally with all the way through the 90 minute pushing stage and she would not come down (traumatic!!) so I went through labor four times. Thanks, that’s enough. lol But seriously, if the babies were going to be at least two years apart and/or we wanted more babies in the future, I would absolutely go through labor and delivery again and do the VBAC thing, but WOO-HOO, they’re not and we don’t, so a repeat C it is!!

Guess what, I think the baby is a boy. :) At least currently I think so. I was really queasy initially, from weeks five to seven, as the hCG rose and the progesterone went up, but now it’s far less often, and not as intense as before. The same happened with Samuel. And I had nothing with Joshua. With Maggie and Elizabeth I was SICK. So, it might be that the boys win the gender contest in our family, haha. We’ll see…but not until September!

At week eight, I’m still feeling super tired and now I’m starting to feel hungry as well. Like, really hungry. Perhaps it’s because I’m also still breastfeeding Elizabeth. (Oh! And she had a birthday on Monday!! My little sweetheart is one! I hope to do an update post on her in the near future.) Unfortunately, it hurts a lot to feed her and I’m actually weaning her but I can’t just cut her off, so I’m gently exchanging foods and milk for nursing sessions. Hopefully, she will be weaned in the next few weeks to a month. She really likes food so it shouldn’t be a problem during the day. Nights, however, may be a little more difficult.

I’m also still really struggling with odors and aversions. Ever changed a dirty diaper while being sensitive to odors? *shivers* lol

I was feeling really disconnected from the whole thing until today. I felt no confidence at all that things were going to progress in a healthy fashion – I just couldn’t. But now, since seeing how much the baby has changed and how much stronger its heart is and everything, just from two weeks ago, I don’t know…I can picture him or her becoming a part of our family this coming winter. XO

By the way, the jelly bean is now the size of a kidney bean. ^_^

37 thoughts on “Baby #5 | Pregnancy after D&C | Week Eight

  1. Congratulations! Very exciting. My son was due February 7 of this year (though he came on the 9th)! I wish you all the best, I will be following! 😊

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  2. I am so glad everything is going well for you and your (growing) family! By the way, my birthday is Feb 6 so If you change your mind…I would be 51 years older than your last child! haha! As always, hoping for only the best for all of you!

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  3. Glad things are going so well. I was SO hungry when I was pregnant with Jack. I never stopped eating. It hasn’t actually changed much since he was born. Haha! I think breastfeeding makes you ravenous! Both at the same time must be quite something.

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