On YouTube this Week | July 3

Hi again. :)

Here are the videos I’ve added to my new channel this week, if you’re interested. I shared some food diaries and a handful of vlogs, pretty casual stuff but definitely helpful for me! :)

WIA (What I Ate)

July 1
July 3
July 4
July 5

Summer Vlogs

New to Vlogging, Intro, and Minimalism

Feeling Pregnant, Baby Stuff, and Past Pregnancies

Cleaning Schedules, Morning Preferences, and Unexpected Events

Eating Habits and My Five Year Old

I’m hoping to do a few room tours in the coming days, hopefully a couple more vlogs, and I’ll definitely keep adding my food diaries.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “On YouTube this Week | July 3

      1. We did! Your videos are so cute and I love them so much!!! I need to show the one about Samuel’s eating habits to my mom. Apparently when I was younger I had no interest in eating so she was constantly worried about me! She would probably be able to relate.

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