Baby #5 | Pregnancy after D&C | Week Ten

Hey, I’m popping in today to give an update as I have somehow already reached ten weeks into this pregnancy!! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to make it this far…I assumed I would miscarry again. :( But low and behold, this little one is hanging in there!

And I have been doing well; very little queasiness, normal appetite again, and just really tired at bedtime. Overall nothing to complain about.

I started being able to feel my uterus (a firm bump, basically) while lying down on my back just after eight weeks and it has continued to get more prominent. ^_^ I did a little video of my belly profile (side, front, side) on June 30th and again on July 10th and I could totally tell a difference! Even though I don’t feel specifically pregnant (which is amazing, by the way!) seeing and feeling growth is helping to make it real.

Weaning Elizabeth is coming along nicely; she is only nursing before bed at night and when she wakes up in the night (which I’m working on changing). During the day, she’s eating foods and drinking milk in a cup. Currently, she loves applesauce, cheese grits, homemade pizza, blueberry yogurt, mac and cheese, and buttermilk biscuits. ^_^ It is a real relief to see her making the transition because it still hurts a lot to nurse and it makes me worried to know the uterus contracts every time, too. So, the sooner she’s weaned, the better. I have enjoyed nursing her, though, and I’m sure I’ll miss it.

My next appointment with a midwife is two weeks from tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll hear the little heart beating then. 💕 July 27th can’t come soon enough!

12 thoughts on “Baby #5 | Pregnancy after D&C | Week Ten

    1. Haha, absolutely! In fact, I think the fear of awful pregnancy symptoms was a key reason I accepted the miscarriage as well as I did. :/ I can’t imagine caring for a toddler and five year old while ill every day!
      Thank you! 💕


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