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Low Platelets During Pregnancy | Baby #5

With my last two (healthy) pregnancies, I had a condition called gestational thrombocytopenia, which just means that my platelet count was below normal and the same is true this time. Platelets are measured in the thousands per microliter of circulating blood but can be written shorthand by removing the last three zeros (example: 100,00 as 100) I mention this because I will write my numbers in shorthand for this post. ;)

I found out a few weeks ago that my platelet count was 125 at eight weeks along (I am currently a couple days shy of twelve weeks now). That’s not a terrible number but it’s not great considering the number drops over the course of the pregnancy. Normal, for pregnancy, is somewhere between 140 and 400, while normal while not pregnant is about 150-450. With Samuel, my count hovered around 100 in the last trimester and was 98 at the time of his birth; because of this, I wasn’t allowed an epidural but that was fine as I didn’t want one anyway. With Elizabeth, it was below 100 by the third trimester and was exactly 100 on the day of her birth which made it possible for me to have a spinal anesthesia when it turned out that I needed to deliver her by c-section. It also meant my husband could be in the operating room with me.

I’m a bit concerned at the moment, although there’s not a thing I can do about my platelets, so why worry? But the concern is that I need the number to be at or above 100 at the time of this baby’s birth, and with them starting at just 125, there is a good chance that they won’t be. I looked back through my chart with Elizabeth this morning and found that my platelets were 138 when my pregnancy with her started. Just three months later, they were 104.

Because I will be having a scheduled cesarean this time, and having a tubal ligation (no more babies for us after this!) as well, I would have hoped to be awake and that my husband could be present for it. But I’m not going to worry! What will be, will be. :) Maybe my little platelets will surprise me this time and we won’t see a big drop over the next several months! Stranger things have happened!

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    1. Hmm, very good point! I’m not sure if it would be a possibility or not, leading up to the birth. The thing is, I’ll be scheduled for 39 weeks, but if I were to go into labor before that, I’d still have a c-section so I don’t know how a transfusion would work in that situation. But I’ll definitely ask about how and when transfusions are appropriate, thanks! :)

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