Refrigerator Learning

Since starting the new school year, Samuel and I have been enjoying doing a daily calendar center. Everything is on our refrigerator and it was all free, minus the cost of paper and ink. :) We cover what month it is, which month was last and which is next, the date, the current weather, the day of the week, which month number it is (as in, August is the eighth month), and what yesterday and tomorrow were/will be. We’ll discuss holidays and birthdays as we come to them but there aren’t any in August. :P Anyway, he gets to move magnets and tiny clothes pins around, which is a big hit, of course. ;)

These daily drills (so to speak) are working so well with him that I’m going to be adding some more of them to our day. I’m thinking of making a chart to 100 and looking at patterns, and maybe have a counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s list. He needs (and wants) to learn the teen numbers as he still mixes them up so I’ll make something with them, too.

Hmm, that’s all I can think of for now as I haven’t been in a Kindergarten classroom in a very long time, lol.

Any other ideas?

13 thoughts on “Refrigerator Learning

  1. I love this!!!!! I wish I had this, too. My oldest girl is struggling with her teen numbers, too. We have some pattern cards that lay out as a loooooong train. I want to lay them out in a pattern, but she doesn’t have patience for that. You could box out a sheet of paper and fill in the first digits and then have him fill in the second digits? Maybe do some color coding? You could start with 1-20 and then move on to 100 spaces on the paper.

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    1. Thanks! We’ve been doing a lot of connect the dots up to twenty and that helps with the teen numbers but I think he needs to see the numbers and maybe point to them, talk about them, etc. I like the idea of filling in the second digit – thanks!

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  2. I remember doing something similar to this in my 1st and 2nd grade classes. The teacher assigned different students each week. I always enjoyed it. One teacher had a hamster, so we had the duty of checking water, and refilling it. Just small responsibilities like that can make a kid feel important.

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  3. At my girls school, they have a guessing jar full of something different each week. They get to guess and see how close they were when each item is counted out (they get better at estimating).You could always use a ziplock and a magnet to stick it to the fridge.

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