Weekly Meal Plan (August 10-16)

I have been meal planning while away from blogging, but I have to say, my choices tend to be healthier (less convenience foods) when I know I have an audience! lol

In addition to healthy, I also need to make more economical meals these days, which is difficult for me to do as I am a picky eater. It’s not that I dislike lots of things, but I have to be “in the mood” for a meal on the night I’m fixing it. Anyway, I’m trying to save money as much as I can so I’m attempting to be less picky. Wish me luck!

Here’s what we’re having this week:


Omelets/eggs & toast, and bacon or sausage
what we have: eggs, bacon, bread, sausage, cheese
what I need to buy: green pepper, onion
prep work: none


Chicken alfredo, fried squash and biscuits
what we have: angel hair pasta, biscuits, alfredo sauce, cornmeal
what I need to buy: squash
prep work: none


Homemade pizza
what we have:
pizza dough, sauce
what I need to buy:
mozzarella cheese, green pepper, onion, mushrooms
prep work:
take dough out of refrigerator 20 min beforehand


Buffalo chicken tator tot casserole and corn
what we have: hot sauce, chicken, tator tots, corn
what I need to buy: ranch dressing
prep work: none


Slow cooker barbecue chicken over rice
what we have: chicken, rice, barbecue sauce
what I need to buy: nothing
prep work: start slow cooker by 2:30pm


Bean quesadillas, mexican rice, chips and salsa
what we have: beans, rice, salsa, cheese
what I need to buy: tortillas, chips
prep work: none


Parmesan chicken with zucchini, crescent rolls
what we have: chicken, roasted potatoes, parmesan cheese,
what I need to buy: crescent rolls
prep work: none

10 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan (August 10-16)

  1. I laughed about “…having an audience.” Sometimes I should post the “recipes” for the days when I can’t get out of bed for more than 20 minutes; 1 box cheap mac and cheese, 1/2 pound hamburger browned and drained…mostly, milk if Mr. C pours it.

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