Frugal Friday (Aug 5-11)

We are pinching pennies these days, with the cost of our future (rental) home, and the process of moving to it, in mind. I’ve already been somewhat mindful of frugality and green living but I definitely slack on a regular basis. Lately, though, I have been really proud of myself and my efforts are paying off. Here are some things that have saved us money this past week:

  1. I used cloth diapers with Elizabeth I had taken a pretty long break because of pregnancy nausea but I’m back to using cloth now. ^_^
  2. I only bought two yards of fabric – both discounted While at Hobby Lobby, I resisted the urge to buy more fabric because it wouldn’t have been discounted.
  3. I hung up about 90% of our laundry This is a big change for me. Stephen made an extra hanging rod in the laundry room for me last weekend so now I have three areas to hang clothes. :)
  4. I meal planned I usually plan meals, but at least a few of them per week are normally convenience meals or eating out. Not this week! We won’t be eating out and every meal was reasonably priced and will be homemade.
  5. We decided that we are going to go from eating out once a week to once a month This will save between $30-50 a week, or $90-150 a month. O_O
  6. We started a list of free or low-cost places to go on Sundays We are going to pack lunches and get out on as many Sundays as we can before baby comes. We are looking at places in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
  7. I told Maggie to put a movie on hold at the library instead of ordering it Before now, I would have probably let her rent it on amazon instead of waiting for a library hold to become available.
  8. I spent less at the grocery stores We generally spend about $200/week on groceries (including non-food items because we shop at Walmart and tend to pick up random things like candles and socks while we’re there) but yesterday I only spent $160 between WalMart, Publix and Kroger.
  9. I checked out a book at the library instead of buying the Kindle edition The thing about eBooks is that they are rarely a good deal – so frustrating!
  10. We decided that we are no longer giving the kids’ allowances, at least for the next several months They don’t actually need the money because good grief, they have so much stuff, and none of them were devastated about not getting it. Thankfully, they like the idea of moving and are willing to contribute. That’s about $50/month we’ll be saving. ^_^
  11. Stephen and I are still using the Savings Catcher at Walmart He enters the receipt number onto our account every week and I use the eGiftcard at the store the next time I shop. This week, we got back $7.39.

Have you been frugal this week?

Linking up with The Frugal Family Five – check out her frugal post from this week!

18 thoughts on “Frugal Friday (Aug 5-11)

  1. I love that savings catcher! Our Super Nintendo died, and we used our savings to purchase a system that we can play our Sega and Nintendo games on.😀 I still have nearly $20 left. Sometimes I only save a few pennies, but it adds up quickly.

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  2. It’s amazing the little things we can all do to save here and there. We used to rent movies all of the time or go to the movies. We always utilize checking them out at the library now and almost always wait until a new movie is out on DVD and at our library. Going to the movies is now a treat!

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    1. Yes!! Our libraries here are so great. We also occasionally pick up a movie from RedBox if there’s one we’ve been waiting on (which, unfortunately, is pretty rare now).


    1. That’s great! I love finding coupons online, too. I sometimes download digital ones but I don’t tend to shop at Kroger unless they are having a mega sale. Little things definitely add up!


      1. Not sure my last reply went through…having some computer problems at home. I do post about bargain shopping, but they are mostly about redoing old items. Some ways we save money are: No cell phones, libraries, Roku instead of cable, we cook our own meals and pack picnics lunches for outside trips, coupons, Youtube university when we need to learn something like laying our own tile, clothing and book exchange stores for store credits to buy new items, and we just started making our own laundry from a recipe my cousin in Arkansas sent me. We redid our little red house with a lot of free and broken things we just fixed up ourselves. I posted a blog about this under Road Trip Time.


  3. Really good ideas!! Using the dryer less is intriguing…. And WOW about the savings from not eating out! Good move, especially since you do a great job planning and cooking meals at home anyway.
    Wow, your kids are great about the allowances!

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    1. Thanks! Hanging our clothes to dry only adds about ten minutes of extra work a day and it has lowered our daily electricity usage from about $10 down to about $6!! O_O
      Yeah, paying for four adults and one child isn’t cheap, even when getting Chick-Fil-A or Wendy’s. :/ I can’t say that I won’t miss getting to eat out every week but I think it’s worth the savings. :)
      Thanks, our kids are really understanding!! :D

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      1. Yeah, I think it’s worth it as well not to eat out. It’s probably one of those things we really enjoy doing, but it’s such an easy place to get money back into the budget for … so we have to suck it up. It won’t last forever… :)

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  4. I’m afraid I was the opposite of frugal this week… Our heat wave “Lucifer” made it necessary to run the AC most of the day. Then I spent 70 euros on a dinner Saturday night (don’t tell my husband?!). BUT usually, I just use the ceiling fans and order the cheapest things on the menu. We also don’t really use our dryer except to soften up the line-dried clothes. It takes ~4 hours to dry a load and that’s a lot of electricity!

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  5. Way to go with saving money!! Great adjustments. Don’t you just love Walmart’s Savings Catcher? I accumulate savings and then use the money for purchases like printer ink, which is so expensive. I have about $27 worth of credit on there right now. ( :

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