Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bras | A Review

This is not a sponsored post. I have fallen in love with a bra especially made to wear while breastfeeding and I want to share my experience with you. I paid for the bras myself and (unfortunately) I have no affiliation with Motherhood Maternity. ;)

I’m not one for spending lots of money on clothes, especially not ones that will be worn for a short time, so maternity wear is usually purchased secondhand. Undergarments are obviously an exception. I am willing to pay quite a bit on undies and bras if they provide comfort during an otherwise uncomfortable season of my life.

While pregnant with Elizabeth, I searched for a comfortable bra. I don’t remember the kind I wore with Samuel, but I want to say they were from WalMart. At any rate, I no longer had the few I used while nursing him so I had to buy new ones. I was really surprised to find that most department stores in my area do not sell bras for breastfeeding! I was limited to three stores – WalMart, Target, and Motherhood Maternity. I first bought a few at WalMart but they were uncomfortable after only an hour or two so I took them back. I then bought a pack at Target and even though they were comfy, they didn’t “give” at all and so as my bump and breasts grew, the bras no longer fit! I ended up donating them. :/

Lastly, I went to Motherhood Maternity and I tried on a few styles. The first ones were okay but then BAM, the next one was the best bra I ever put on! I didn’t love the price tag but oh, I fell in love and have never regretted the purchase! I got two that day, and actually purchased a third one this past spring.

In this style – which is called “Seamless Clip Down” – I wear a large, which is laughable because I’m only a B while non-pregnant and a C while pregnant. :P But it fits great and is so, so comfy (and it doesn’t look “large” on me, lol)

During my pregnancy, I wore them with the included support cups which helped a lot with sensitivity that I would experience while hugging someone or picking up bags, etc. After having her, I removed the cups and used nursing pads to absorb any leaks.

The back of the bra is quite thick (for lack of a better word) and offers really nice support. It has three size adjustments for width and three closures (vs the normal two).

The clasps are a breeze to do with one hand, while preparing to feed the baby, and the fold down feature works extremely well. All of the material is able to shift comfortably below the breast while nursing.

I highly recommend this style of nursing bra because it makes the whole experience of breastfeeding more comfortable. Seriously, these bras feel so good that I have been able to wear them day and night until leaking was no longer an issue. I will be buying another few to last me through the many breastfeeding months with my last little one (due this winter!) I’m just so glad I don’t have to search for the perfect nursing bra any longer! ^_^

You can check out this style online here (not an affiliate link) if you want.

Do you have a favorite nursing bra? Which brand is it, and why do you love it? :)

6 thoughts on “Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bras | A Review

  1. Those look very similar to the ones I have. My husband ordered them online, so I’m not sure where they were from.
    I have finally been able to go through the night without wearing one. It feels a bit strange to have freedom again.😜

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