Ocmulgee National Monument

As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, we are trying to go on day trips every Sunday before I start getting big and uncomfortable. The trips have to be free or low cost, excluding the price of gasoline, and we are taking all of our food and drink with us. :)

Yesterday, we went to the Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, GA. It was perfect timing as Joshua and I have been reading about native American cultures for his GA history course. We arrived at about 9:20am and wow, was it already hot and humid! I had thought we were going to get there early enough that we could get in some of the walking before it felt like a rain forest but nope, it felt like that from the beginning.

We brought plenty of water with us and even though there was a lot of walking (and it was HOT, lol), the experience was fun. We saw indian mounds (even getting to walk inside one that was discovered and reconstructed in the 30’s), the Ocmulgee River, and areas of open land that we tried to imagine Native Americans walking and hunting on. ^_^

This climb provided an amazing view when we reached the top!

My calves are still hurting today from this stroller pushing experience.

Took an applesauce break…

Underground in a ceremonial mound, looking at a 1,000 year old floor!

Giving Samuel a little break from the long walk.

We came across THIS sign. O_O

(I likely would not have even planned a trip to this place had I known there were alligators!!)

We didn’t take this trail, by the way. 

Crossing a railroad bridge.

We had a fun time. It was super tiring and we crashed when we got home, but I’m glad we went! :D

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