Thoughts & Happenings 8/16/17

Yesterday, Elizabeth had a checkup and she’s now in the 99% for height and 97% for weight. Hehe, big girl. No wonder she’s in 2T/3T at 13 months. ^_^ I was pleased to see that her iron was at 12.5 (it’s gotta be the grits she has for breakfast every morning). She didn’t even care about the toe poke but she was livid about the bandaid, lol.

I made pumpkin bread this morning. Elizabeth loves it and so do the rest of us. Oh, and to give a little update on my convection oven, it works great. Strangely, the temperature has to be lowered by fifty degrees in order to bake properly (I’m not even going to tell you how long it took me to figure that out!) but then it’s perfect. It definitely heats our kitchen less which means the a/c doesn’t have to run for as long to cool off the house.

I bought a convertible carseat (not an affiliate link) online this morning. All of a sudden, in the last few weeks, Elizabeth has done a major growth spurt and she is laughably no longer fitting in her infant seat. So, once the new one comes in the mail on Friday, I’ll take apart the old one, wash it, and store it for her little brother/sister. ^_^

And speaking of baby #5, I am now 15 weeks along with him or her! This past week I started having a lot more contractions while breastfeeding so I’m definitely getting antsy about completing the weaning process. :/ I (or the baby, rather) seems to have gone through a growth spurt because I jumped a few pounds in a short time. I did start exercising, though, so maybe it’s some muscle, too.

Today, I have some school work to catch up on; Joshua and I are a little behind because we were especially busy on Monday and yesterday. I also have my meal plan and grocery list to get done for tomorrow. And laundry…always laundry… ;)

13 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 8/16/17

  1. My youngest is going to be 9 months on Thursday and she is already in 12-18/18 month clothing. My oldest was a peanut and always true to size & still is. I had saved all of her baby clothing hopefully to use for our second but she was a June baby and my second was born in November (Oppositie Seasons) so at first it didn’t work out for me to re-use a lot of her clothing. I’m so happy that my youngest is a bit bigger then her sister was at this age because she’s caught up to the correct season and I have been able to use most of my oldest daughters clothing for my second since about 3 months of age, which is awesome for us!

    I’ve been making a lot of Zucchini bread & Muffins but I’ve never tried making pumpkin bread-sounds delicious!

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    1. Our first daughter was her exact size for her age as a baby, too! Super easy to shop for!! I was used to buying in advance when things were on sale, but when her little brother came along, he jumped really quickly through sizes and I had no idea at which age he’d be wearing what. :P
      Oh, pumpkin bread is soooo good. I’ll share my recipe sometime this fall – you should try it! :D

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  2. I cannot believe Elizabeth was more upset about the bandage than the prick 😂 she would do that, though. Also I’m glad you figured out how to work the convection oven! Too many things were ruined before we solved the puzzle lol

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  3. I’ve got to tell you Valerie, your meal plans have inspired me to try to plan for the week. It took me a little over an hour yesterday figuring out a week’s worth of meals, but I did it! And it definitely saved on the grocery bill!! I was surprised to see what kind of meals I could plan, and still be under/within budget.

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  4. Noah grew out of his car seat all in a hurry, too. I ended up having to buy a car seat locally because the one I wanted on Amazon was backordered for a month or so! Italian car seats have a different buckle that makes it 5-point without a chest clip, but it is sure hard to get him in when he doesn’t want to be strapped in!
    Yes, if all else fails, there will always be laundry.

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