Weekly Meal Plan (August 17-23) | and Recap

We are in week two of spending less at the grocery store, and going down from eating out once a week to only once a month (two more weeks to go on that!) Last week, I stuck to the plan but the nights didn’t match the meals (not that it matters). Here’s a recap of our dinners and my thoughts on them:

Thursday night, we had breakfast for dinner. I attempted omelets but the non-stick pan was sticking! :P So I ended up making a fancy version of scrambled eggs. I also fixed toast and grits. It wasn’t what I’d planned exactly but it was tasty.

On Friday, Maggie made parmesan chicken with zucchini, and crescent rolls. All of us really enjoyed it (Joshua wasn’t thrilled with the zucchini but otherwise…) The only complaint I had was I would have loved having more chicken!

Saturday night we had barbecue chicken over rice. I made the chicken in the slow cooker (super easy!) and then cooked the rice just before dinner time. This meal is always a hit.

In preparation for our trip to Macon on Sunday, I fixed dinner the night before and threw it in the fridge. When we were ready to eat, all we had to do was heat it up. ^_^ Dinner was homemade pizza which is everybody’s favorite. The dough is from Trader Joe’s and we just season the crust with a little butter and garlic powder, slather the center with sauce and top with mozzarella and veggies. LOVE

On Monday, I taught Joshua how to make my buffalo ranch chicken and tator tot casserole because it’s definitely a guy dish and will be perfect for when he’s on his own and cooking for himself. :) He was happy with how easy it was to make and how delicious, of course.

We got home late on Tuesday so it was the ideal night for chili bean tacos (for me and Stephen) and quesadillas (for the kids. These are so simple and quick to fix, I just love them!

Last night (Wednesday), I made some easy alfredo pasta, breaded and seasoned chicken, and fried squash. The chicken wasn’t great but the rest was yummy, lol.

Here’s what we’re having this week:


Breakfast for dinner
what we have: eggs, bread, grits, biscuits
what I need to buy: bacon
prep work: none


Slow cooker chicken fajitas, corn
what we have: fajita seasoning, corn, tortillas, cheese
what I need to buy: chicken, green pepper, onion
prep work: start slow cooker by 2:30


Slow Cooker Honey Buffalo Meatballs, mac and cheese, carrots and ranch dressing
what we have: seasonings, crackers, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, honey, soy sauce
what I need to buy:
mac and cheese, ground turkey, apricot preserves
prep work:
start slow cooker by 12:30pm


what we have: lettuce, taco seasoning, cheese, tortilla chips
what I need to buy: ground turkey, tomato
prep work: cook taco meat the night before


Turkey Hot Dogs, French fries, baked beans
what we have: fries, condiments
what I need to buy: buns, hot dogs, beans
prep work: get the buns out of the freezer the night before


Quesadillas and Tator tots
what we have: barbecue sauce, Tator tots
what I need to buy: small tortillas, cheese
prep work: none


Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
what we have: bread, soup
what I need to buy: cheese, extra soup
prep work: none

Do you meal plan?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan (August 17-23) | and Recap

  1. The meatballs, chicken and tacos looked good. It’s interesting to see what other people have to eat on a weekly basis. I don’t really plan my weekly meals but this has inspired me to plan more. Thanks.

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