Frugal Friday (Aug 12-18)

As a reminder, we are pinching pennies with the cost of our future (rental) home, and the process of moving to it, in mind. This week was pretty frugal. Here’s what we did to save money:

  1. We took our snacks and lunch with us We went to Macon on Sunday to visit the Ocmulgee National Monument and we didn’t eat out on the way home like we normally do when on a trip. I made dinner in advance and refrigerated it so that I wouldn’t be tempted to pick up dinner – best decision I made all week!
  2. We cloth diapered except while away from the house and during the night. I bought a pack of 24 diapers at Publix on Tuesday because we were nearly out but I barely made a dent in it (the package) and it will certainly last through this week and into next.
  3. Stephen and I are still using the Savings Catcher at Walmart He enters the receipt number onto our account every week and I use the eGiftcard at the store the next time I shop. This week, we got back $1.57. It’s not much but every little bit adds up! Total amount we’ve gotten back to date: $643. 68
  4. I meal planned This helps so much, not only in saving money and using ingredients that we already have but also in keeping dinnertime as stress-free as possible.
  5. I line dried almost all of our clothes I have to be honest, it’s getting a bit annoying finding the time to hang the clothes to dry but it’s worth it financially. In the summer, when we’re using the air conditioner already so much, it helps keep the electric bill reasonable when we cut back on dryer usage.
  6. We went to Goodwill I found two cute dresses and one ruffled skirt for Elizabeth which only cost $3 each. (one of them pictured above) ^_^
  7. I didn’t overspend on amazon I LOVE shopping online so it’s a great accomplishment when I only buy what we need, lol. This week, I bought a new carseat for Elizabeth (we will put hers away for the new baby), and a pack of newborn waterproof diaper covers (yes, I am already planning to CD the baby!)
  8. I used travel size I ran out of toothpaste a few days before shopping day and instead of asking Stephen to pick some up on the way home, I remembered I had some travel sized toothpaste in the cabinet! We actually have about three of them in there (they had been attached to our normal Tom’s of Maine toothpaste as a free advertisement for a different flavor a couple of months ago) Anyway, it’ll be a few weeks before I have to buy any. :)
  9. I used coupons I’m not sure how much I saved by using them, but it was significant! I only bought things with them that I normally buy so it was true savings. ^_^ I also picked up some things that were BOGO at Publix (which were also things I normally buy).
  10. I used the convection oven instead of the gas stove It takes far less time to preheat our convection toaster oven that it does the full size stove, and the cost of natural gas is much higher per therm than using a little electricity. Using the convection oven also doesn’t heat the kitchen the way the stove does so the a/c doesn’t have to run as long.

Have you been frugal this week?

13 thoughts on “Frugal Friday (Aug 12-18)

  1. I don’t know if you have one near you, but if you have an Aldi’s grocery store or Piggly Wiggly’s (I went there when I lived in Florida) they saved us a ton of money as well!!!

    Way to go on savings!!! I got a small bookshelf for $3.99 at Goodwill, a set of plates (from Japan) for $2.99, and set of small plates (actual China!) for $0.99. All from Goodwill!

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        1. Well, I’ve seen it before, but it’s mostly in smaller towns in GA and not in the suburbs of Atlanta. We save a lot at Trader Joe’s but it takes us about 45 minutes to get there so gas definitely takes a chunk of the savings. :P

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          1. I’ve never been in a Trader’s Joes, though as we drove back I think I saw some. Same as if I ever go to Texas, for some reason, I want to shop at an HEB. I love that different states have stores that not everyone else has :)

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  2. You’ve done a great job saving! Eating at home is SO much cheaper than eating out and usually much better. I do need to get Mr. C to start taking the coupons with him when he shops. Elizabeth’s new dress is so cute! And what a great price!

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    1. Thanks! I know, it really is so much less expensive when I cook (but Cracker Barrel is so good!! lol) Coupons are a bit of a hassle but worth it! :)
      Thank you, I was happy to find her some girlie things.

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