Homeschooling | An Overview of Weeks 1-3

We’re already three weeks into the new school year and things are going pretty well. Here’s an overview of how the kids are doing with everything:

Maggie (17)

She is finding psychology to be interesting and is talking about it being a subject/topic that she’d like to pursue learning more about once she graduates next year. :) I love psychology so this makes me quite happy!

She’s frustrated by the topic of personal finance because she doesn’t have a job so she can’t implement all that she’s learning about. I told her that this is actually a huge blessing because she can enter her financial life with a vast knowledge, once the time comes, which most people can’t do!

She continues to enjoy learning about politics in her US Government class and in real life. It’s so funny to me that she has taken to the whole thing when I am so utterly non-interested in all of it. haha

Physics is a big hit, as we knew it would be. Wes (101 series) is a great teacher and he makes these sciences really interesting. She loved biology and chemistry and we’re looking forward to the release of physical science soon.

Teaching with movies is going well, for the most part. Her favorite film to watch and analyze has been The Sting with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Her least favorite, I believe, was Deep Impact (although she did like that Morgan Freeman was the president, lol)

She’s finding all the writing she has to do on Fridays to be a bit overwhelming so she’s switched to typing the majority of the q&a’s, summaries, and other writings. She has great penmanship and she normally likes writing by hand so I really don’t mind that she’s typing/printing these things.

On her own, she is continuing to study Spanish and she’s reading lots (as always), currently doing an A-Z challenge. I believe she just finished the letter M.

Joshua (13)

He has totally surprised us with his newfound interest and ability in schooling! He is now acing his spelling tests when he was previously failing pretty regularly, listening intently as I read (and answering follow-up questions correctly), and applying himself in penmanship as well as coloring (for science) when he has always been quite sloppy. It’s wonderful!

He has been enjoying studying the human brain, spinal cord, and nervous system with me. To be honest, a lot of it is beyond me but he enjoys it. He’s always liked science but the way he’s focusing now seems more intentional somehow.

Our study of Georgia history is really interesting in some ways and pretty boring in others. We’re working through a textbook and you know how those go. But the conversations that come about because of what we’ve read is what makes it interesting. Also, visiting places in our state that we’ve been reading about really makes it come to life! He and I both appreciated native american history in Georgia a lot more by visiting the mounds in Macon last weekend.I hope to go a lot more places that relate to what we’re learning about.

Literature is another subject that he has shown significant interest this year when he has always been bored before. Perhaps the book I have with short stories that relate to pre-teens his age makes it more appealing. There was a story we read a few weeks ago that was about a boy who was interested in a girl in his neighborhood and the issues that he had with his appearance (his teeth, specifically). I could really tell that the story was holding his interest and that he wanted to know what happened next when we were done reading for the day but had yet to finish the story.

He’s taking both pre-algebra and an intro to geometry. He’s finding that geometry comes easy to him and that the whole algebraic thing takes more time to “get,” but once he has it, he likes it. We alternate and he does one kind of math per day.

Another area that he’s been doing well with are the warmup/thinking (logic) worksheets. They seem to challenge him and yet, he rarely comes and asks me for help. ^_^

On his own, he’s reading the third book in an adventure/sci-fi series by Brandon Mull. He’s also constantly finding new games online – mostly strategy – to play. And, of course, riding his long board

Samuel (5)

Unfortunately, I haven’t spent as much time with him as I’d like to each day, but the lessons and activities that we have done have gone well. In the coming weeks, I definitely plan to increase the amount we do together. I’m also going to begin adding him in to the lesson planner instead of just winging it each day.

As I shared in another post, we do daily calendar activities on the refrigerator and he continues to like them.

He is really enjoying the math workbook we’re using. Like really enjoying it, lol. It has manipulatives included in the back (that we punched out), the activities are fun, and the pictures are bright and colorful. I’m glad we have book two for when this one is complete!

He also likes a big Kindergarten workbook we have that covers all sorts of skills. He’s going through it pretty quickly.

Maggie reads library books to him most days, which he enjoys.

We all take turns helping him find things on the I SPY computer games we have from when Maggie was his age (I really can’t believe they work on our computer!) though he is actually really good at it and can navigate by himself.

On his own, he is writing and drawing, and constantly asking how to spell words. It’s neat to see how interested he is in writing and reading. I also love seeing his imagination shine through his drawings.

And that’s it!

I promise to start taking photos so that the next update post is more fun to look at. ;)

16 thoughts on “Homeschooling | An Overview of Weeks 1-3

  1. I graduated with a Liberal Studies but my two main focuses were on Sociology (which I completed a minor in) and Psychology (which was I was two classes away from completing a Bachelor’s in). I love psychology! I have bought old txtbooks online and some have been under $10 used. There’s always a good thrifting for txtbooks as well.

    Maggie definitely has the personality of wanting to know how an individual thinks and reacts, and I totally see her using her knowledge to help others understand themselves.

    So happy to hear everyone is doing well, and adjusting!! :)

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  2. It sounds like your homeschool year is going great so far!!!! I’m so happy that Joshua is so excited by his subjects. So Samuel is in kindergarten, wow! How much time does he have each day of “learning time”? And how is Elizabeth during the day when you’re teaching the older kids?
    Congrats on your first three weeks!

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    1. Thanks!
      Hmm, we spread out the activities and lessons over the course of the day so I’m not sure how long we spend each day, honestly.
      Elizabeth is usually pretty happy as long as she is well rested and well fed. ;) I do find, though, that I need Maggie to watch her, or wait until she’s napping, to do a few of Joshua’s subjects with him that take more concentration.

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      1. As I was making dinner today (my husband was at the doctor), my 18mo was all over me and demanding to be held or get into my spices or climb on the kitchen chairs. My 4yo kept asking me to look at her toy setups. I was wondering how you manage to make dinner and teach your children AND have a very young toddler around! My days seem so busy, yet I know there are others such you who do so much more. I laughed at myself. :) Anyway, hooah to you! :)


  3. It sounds like everybody is enjoying this year so far! I love that your kids are learning such a variety of subjects. And don’t worry if you feel under qualified to teach certain subjects- my mom taught algebra to both me and my brother and she still didn’t get it afterwards. But my both my brother and I tested into intermediate algebra in college. :)

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  4. My son will be starting pre-algebra this year. The school didn’t do any placement testing, they just took our word for it that he was doing well. They said he and the teacher can decide if he should drop back to the standard math class after about a month or so. I really don’t think he’ll have to, but the change from homeschool to public might be stressful, so I won’t be upset if it happens. He loves strategy games too, and has one on his tablet called Hackers that he is really into. He has to use different programs to hack into other people’s networks, to steal money to upgrade his own system. He gets hacked too, and beams with pride when they don’t get much. ;)

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      1. Yes! They’re such great subjects and I wish I had studied them more in school. I love reading about new studies or hearing get about them on the news though. It’s so cool to see how the mind works!


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