Thoughts & Happenings 8/19/17

I’m reading fiction again for the first time in a few months. ^_^ It’s a book by Elizabeth Berg and I’m enjoying it. I generally only read a few chapters per evening but hey, it’s better than nothing! Her books are really introspective, which is wonderful and sort of a downer at the same time. lol This one’s called Tapestry of Fortunes. And yes, that bowl of cereal was eaten one evening as I read because the baby wanted it! ;)

I’ve realized that I am still struggling with balancing homeschooling and homemaking. I seem to be fantastic at one while fumbling with the other. Or, by some miracle, I am rocking both yet not spending ANY time doing anything fun with the kids (it’s “all business,” and that’s not good for any of us). I read a post this morning that encouraged me, check it out on Simple Life by the Sea. I need to implement some of her techniques because I do think they could help. She has five kids so she knows just how frazzled a mama can become by all the schooling and housework.

One issue I’m having as of late is my frustration with the clutter sweet, little Elizabeth makes. She’s at the stage where she empties things onto the floor, and has not yet moved onto the stage of returning them to container/shelf. It drives me crazy. I know it’s normal and all part of healthy development but OHHH, I don’t like ALL the Lego Duplos to be scattered over the entire living room!!! O_O So, I end up spending way too much time every day tidying instead of doing worthwhile activities. I need to somehow not let it bother me!

I think as our outing tomorrow, I’m going to take the kids to a mall that we haven’t been to in a long time. Stephen is more than likely not going to come with us; he’s had a long week and I’m sure he needs a day just to relax. It’s going to be extra hot tomorrow so we need to be inside, and a mall is fun as long as window shopping  doesn’t make us unhappy. I’m not sure how that will go, to be honest. :P

How’s your weekend going?

11 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 8/19/17

  1. Window shopping can be fun and not fun, and I’m talking purely from a personal level haha! But then I just snap a picture of what I want with my phone, and that makes it easier. Birthday, Christmas, or shopping days I can shop ideas :) My mom, when I was young, would hold my hand and have me grasp the piece of what was on the floor and put it back. But I think, I may have been around 2 or so at the time.

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  2. Window shopping can be fun! I took the kids to TJ Maxx the other day and there was so much they wanted but we didn’t buy a single thing. It was awesome because they didn’t complain but also kind of a bummer because I wanted to get them what they wanted, even though it’s all frivolous.

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  3. It is hard to balance it all, especially with 4 kids. How would your other three like to help tidy up after Elizabeth? I know it’s hard because it’s not their mess, but if it helps you, maybe they get a small reward (even if there are no allowances right now)?

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    1. I normally ask for their help as little as I can when it comes to cleaning up after her, but in the last few days I have been asking a lot more simply because I’m finding it harder to bend comfortably. They’ve been fine to help! :) I should have asked long ago, lol.

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      1. Yeah, I hear ya…. But now with being pregnant you’ll probably need a lot more help – and that’s fine! I’m sure they’ll be more than willing since you clearly will need it. Your kids seem to have such big hearts that helping mama out is second nature. :)


  4. I’m with you on the clutter frustration. The duplos and blocks are in time out right now because I couldn’t deal with it. Everything else still gets dumped frequently. I hope this stage passes! I read an Elizabeth Berg book a few years ago and I remember it was really deep, and a little weird (?). Maybe I’ll try another one of her books soon.

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    1. “The duplos and blocks are in time out right now” – This made me laugh!! Sometimes we just have to put the annoying ones away for awhile, lol.
      Hmm, yeah her books all seem to be deep. I (mostly) liked the other book of hers that I read called The Year of Pleasures but it dealt with grief so it was definitely not light reading. I wouldn’t say it was weird, though, so not all of hers are that way. :)

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