Thoughts & Happenings 8/28/17

Weaning is moving along nicely now. She hasn’t nursed in the middle of night in over a week and we’re down to just one feed a day most days (two at most), so things are looking good. My breasts didn’t appreciate going 24 hrs between feeds at first but now they’ve adjusted. :)

I’m 16w5d pregnant with baby #5 today. Our anatomy scan is scheduled for September 8th, which happens to be Samuel’s sixth birthday! We’re going to some fun places in Tennessee to celebrate on the 7th, but the morning of his birthday we will be (hopefully) finding out his new sibling’s gender! With two boys and two girls, it’s definitely a bit of a competition, lol. I feel fairly confident that it’s a boy but I’m not placing any bets!!

On Saturday, I took the kids up to Buckhead (an area of Atlanta) to shop at Trader Joe’s and then to a park nearby that we’ve never been to before. Joshua had his skateboard and enjoyed riding the paths, while Maggie hung out with me and the little ones as we had lunch. Afterward, we spent some time on the playground.

Elizabeth absolutely loved the baby swing. She kept opening her mouth really wide and I ended up seeing that  all four molars are cutting through! Totally surprised me. And it made me feel a little bit bad that I’m weaning her because I know she must be uncomfortable. But it’s also a blessing, I suppose, because had I known, I wouldn’t have started night weaning and she’s been great with it. Okay, no mommy guilt. ^_^

I’m not sure what it is that I’m needing emotionally right now but I think I should make some changes. Like maybe begin just writing for me instead of having a public blog. Or, not writing at all and just living. I’m not sure. I’m not unhappy but I feel like a change needs to happen and generally that means I need more quiet and calm in my life (which the internet certainly does not offer). I don’t know, these pregnancy hormones are a trip. lol

8 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 8/28/17

  1. It’s definitely something to consider. One thing I did when I was going through great stress was pick out a journal I hadn’t known what to use prior. I just poured out my heart to God in it. I told Him what stress of the day was, and what I was fearful over. How I wanted to draw close to Him, and also praise Him as well. One reason I wanted to write about the hard times was so I could look back and see how God answered me and provided.

    He never once left me, and He certainly won’t leave you :) Whatever you feel you need to do, go for it. I love your blog and I hope if you decide not to write for a while, that you come back. Even though I love your blog, I care so much more about your mental health. :) Thinking of you guys!! Take care!!!

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  2. Hey! Happy almost birthday to Samuel! My 4yo Anna will be turning 4 that same day. :) Two years apart, how funny, and also that Elizabeth and my Claire are 6m apart to the day.
    Best of luck for the gender reveal! I hope for a girl just because I’m biased, haha.
    You know, you have a large family, a lot of responsibilities, and you are pregnant. Your blog has definitely morphed since I first tuned in about a year ago. I sensed in spring that you were kind of done with blogging, but then you came back – surprise! You need to do what makes you feel happy – and that you’re spending your time wisely for yourself. If you dread making a post, reading others’ posts, or thinking up posting ideas, then maybe a change IS in the cards. I know how you feel; I think it helps to determine an end goal to blogging … and if what you’re doing now meets it, then stick with it. :)

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    1. How funny about their birthdays!! A happy early birthday to Anna as well! :D
      LOL, I don’t *think* it’s a girl but I will be thrilled either way, and I’ll let you know when we find out.
      Yeah, my blog certainly has changed over time. It always does. You’re right, in the spring, following the miscarriage, I just didn’t have the motivation to write, host giveaways, share recipes, or do anything else I’d been doing previously. I had to get offline. And I thought I wanted to come back but I’m finding I still don’t have the fuel to do it the way I would want to if I were 100% in. I’ve only been sharing personal struggles/triumphs/daily happenings. I still have a lot of ideas, especially for articles I want to write, but I don’t have the literal time it takes to write them (and do photos) so I’m thinking I’ll just stop for the most part right now but keep jotting down notes for ideas I want to write in the future. As far as blog reading, I’m less motivated now – which I hate – and it’s not fair to write and expect support while not reciprocating. :/ So, yeah, I need to come back when I want to do all of it.

      Thank you for your insight! I really appreciate it. XO

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      1. It’s funny how big life changes can alter our motivations to do many things, and creativity is definitely affected. I think we always have to follow our hearts and do what we are feeling – if we feel motivated, ride the wind! If not, then time to take a step back. I’m constantly re-evaluating this blogging deal as well. :) Especially when blog reading seems so overwhelming!
        Best to you!! :)


  3. How exciting of a day September 8th will be! I keep forgetting how close in age Samuel and Micah are – Micah turned six in June. :) I totally understand the need for quiet and calm. My writing and blogging have significantly decreased during this pregnancy. It’s still something I enjoy and have a passion for, but haven’t been able to give as much to in this season of life. Thinking of you!

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    1. We are so excited that we will get to find out the gender on his birthday! :D
      I’m glad you understand the calm and quiet thing. It’s frustrating because I want to be online but I also really, really want to be off! :P
      I’ve been thinking of you, too!


  4. The 8th is going to be a big day for the family! Samuel’s birthday and (probably) baby-gender reveal day! I’m so happy for you! As for blogging, you could blog when you feel like it and skip the days you don’t. We’ll all look forward to your posts and understand when you don’t post. Blogging is great but so is “real life.”


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