About Me

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Thanks for clicking and wanting to know more about me. :)

I’m Valerie, a thirty-six year old northern mama living in the south. My sweet husband, Stephen, and I have four beautiful children together. We have two boys and two girls. Maggie will be seventeen in a few days, Joshua turned thirteen in December, Samuel is five and a half, and Elizabeth is nine months old (born on her due date – June 26th of last year). ♥ While I wouldn’t have chosen the large age gaps between our kids if I could have helped it, I am thankful now! Caring for everyone’s needs is much easier when you have big kids to help with the little kids. I love it! I didn’t enjoy experiencing early miscarriages or secondary infertility, but they provided me with the family I have, so I really can’t complain.

Anyway, we enjoy a pretty relaxed lifestyle here in the southern heat; he works in concrete and I stay home with the kids. We homeschool and always have – while it is sometimes challenging, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love teaching, learning, and having my children at home.

There are some healthy changes I’m working on making in my life which is why I actually started the blog. I want to motivate myself and others! I hope you find Living Lighter in Atlanta to be encouraging, motivating, and easy to navigate. Thanks for visiting!

updated April 2017