Pregnancy and Birth

Deep Transverse Arrest ~ Could I Have Done Something?

I am a big supporter of unmedicated, intervention-free natural childbirth when it's possible. Getting rid of things that can slow down labor and/or cause distress is certainly a good idea. There are, of course, instances where interventions are necessary and beneficial. I pursued having a completely natural experience with my third child because of what happened with babies one and two. I learned from their births and… Continue reading Deep Transverse Arrest ~ Could I Have Done Something?


The Quiz of the Year

I've been tagged by two awesome mommy bloggers, Some Kind of Beautiful Chaos and Mummy 123, to answer some end of the year questions. :) If you haven't visited their blogs before, you should! So, here we go... What was your highlight of 2016? Our fourth child, Elizabeth Marie, was born. She has been such a… Continue reading The Quiz of the Year


*Alphabetical* Year in Review! 2016

A: algebra II, with Maggie B: breastfeeding, all day every day, lol C: c-section, totally unexpected and the craziest recovery ever O_O D: dream journal, I've been keeping one E: Elizabeth, born on June 26th, her due date! ^_^ F: food, I've been trying lots of new recipes this year G: glasses, Stephen failed his vision test and… Continue reading *Alphabetical* Year in Review! 2016

Pregnancy and Birth

Birth Trauma

All of my labor and deliveries have had a part that was intense enough to cause a bit of trauma. Some more than others. I'm trying to process my fourth baby's birth experience, so I'm reflecting on all four of them. I've healed from the first three and now I have to do the same with hers. It… Continue reading Birth Trauma

Pregnancy and Birth

Having a Birth Plan

I've had three babies vaginally and then I had a c-section with my fourth. My advice to expectant moms? Make a birth plan and then try to relax because you can't control everything (even if you think you can). Birth plans are absolutely a great thing and I think all women should make one regardless of their… Continue reading Having a Birth Plan

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Co-Sleeping Again

I love co-sleeping; it's so sweet, calm and beautiful sleeping next to your little one. It makes nighttime nursing easier, too. But I had decided to do things differently with baby Elizabeth because I am fairly certain that co-sleeping is the reason that neither of my boys slept all that well as they got older and… Continue reading Co-Sleeping Again

Pregnancy and Birth

Elizabeth’s Birth Story

I woke up to a painful contraction at 4:30 on the morning of my due date (June 26th, 2016). I walked into the bathroom and found that I'd barely needed to bother making the trip because there was such little urine. Stephen heard me flush the toilet so he came in to check on me.… Continue reading Elizabeth’s Birth Story