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Pregnancy after the D&C

Hi there! I hope your summer has gotten off to a nice start. Mine sure has, and I've really been enjoying my break. :) I'm writing tonight because I have some news to share. Remember how I said in a recent Thoughts & Happenings post that I had ovulated and was getting back to normal? Well... Today I… Continue reading Pregnancy after the D&C

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PurpleBowFox Diaper Strap *Giveaway* (Ends Oct 20th)

Erika of PurpleBowFox on Etsy makes the sweetest handmade baby gifts. Blankets, bibs, pacifier clips and more! I especially love her diaper straps and recently bought one to use with Elizabeth's diapers. I use both cloth and disposable with her at home, but only disposable while we're out. I'm still not quite ready to take on cloth while… Continue reading PurpleBowFox Diaper Strap *Giveaway* (Ends Oct 20th)

Pregnancy and Birth

Elizabeth’s Birth Story

I woke up to a painful contraction at 4:30 on the morning of my due date (June 26th, 2016). I walked into the bathroom and found that I'd barely needed to bother making the trip because there was such little urine. Stephen heard me flush the toilet so he came in to check on me.… Continue reading Elizabeth’s Birth Story