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Deep Transverse Arrest ~ Could I Have Done Something?

I am a big supporter of unmedicated, intervention-free natural childbirth when it's possible. Getting rid of things that can slow down labor and/or cause distress is certainly a good idea. There are, of course, instances where interventions are necessary and beneficial. I pursued having a completely natural experience with my third child because of what happened with babies one and two. I learned from their births and… Continue reading Deep Transverse Arrest ~ Could I Have Done Something?


Postpartum ~ Week Twelve

It's been six weeks since I gave a real update, so here's how things are going for me at twelve weeks postpartum with baby number four. :) I apologize in advance if I sound like I'm complaining - I haven't been feeling the greatest physically for a week or so. :/ The Incision The scar is… Continue reading Postpartum ~ Week Twelve

Pregnancy and Birth

Birth Trauma

All of my labor and deliveries have had a part that was intense enough to cause a bit of trauma. Some more than others. I'm trying to process my fourth baby's birth experience, so I'm reflecting on all four of them. I've healed from the first three and now I have to do the same with hers. It… Continue reading Birth Trauma

Pregnancy and Birth

Having a Birth Plan

I've had three babies vaginally and then I had a c-section with my fourth. My advice to expectant moms? Make a birth plan and then try to relax because you can't control everything (even if you think you can). Birth plans are absolutely a great thing and I think all women should make one regardless of their… Continue reading Having a Birth Plan

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Postpartum ~ Week Six

I'm a day's been just over six weeks since baby Elizabeth joined our family! I went to my postpartum appointment last Wednesday and all is well! I have been cleared for everything except abdominal exercises (they recommend waiting until eight weeks before starting ab workouts). I can do aerobics, swimming, walking - basically anything… Continue reading Postpartum ~ Week Six

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Postpartum ~ Week Five

We're all the way to five weeks already! Baby Elizabeth is doing awesome and my recovery is coming along. It's still surreal to think about the fact that I actually had a c-section! If you haven't read her birth story yet, and would like to, feel free to click HERE. The Incision The glue that was used to… Continue reading Postpartum ~ Week Five

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Postpartum ~ Week Four

It's been four weeks since baby Elizabeth was born! She will be one month officially on Tuesday. ♥ This past week has been somewhat better as far as recovery goes, but one symptom sent me to see a midwife on Friday. The Incision Everything's looking good at the actual scar. It's still slightly purplish in… Continue reading Postpartum ~ Week Four