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Frugal Friday (Aug 12-18)

As a reminder, we are pinching pennies with the cost of our future (rental) home, and the process of moving to it, in mind. This week was pretty frugal. Here's what we did to save money: We took our snacks and lunch with us We went to Macon on Sunday to visit the Ocmulgee National… Continue reading Frugal Friday (Aug 12-18)

Saving money

Frugal Friday (Aug 5-11)

We are pinching pennies these days, with the cost of our future (rental) home, and the process of moving to it, in mind. I've already been somewhat mindful of frugality and green living but I definitely slack on a regular basis. Lately, though, I have been really proud of myself and my efforts are paying… Continue reading Frugal Friday (Aug 5-11)

Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 2/14/17

It's that time of year again, when gardeners are daydreaming and planning of the coming year's crops. I definitely do not consider myself a gardener as I've only ever grown some very easy flowers in the ground and a handful of vegetables in pots! Regardless, I am daydreaming and planning along with them. ^_^ I… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 2/14/17

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Using cloth diapers in place of disposables is great at any point in your baby or toddler's life, but using cloth before six months of age has significantly more benefits than starting after that point. With my third child, I switched at five months because it was my first experience with cloth and my husband thought it would… Continue reading

Day in the Life

Day in the Life (January 2017)

January 17, 2017 I can't imagine that true hunger is the cause of baby Elizabeth waking so frequently to breastfeed at night, but regardless, she does! So, I was definitely proud of myself when I woke up to my alarm at 6:30 and then actually got up! Stephen was still home so we chatted a little bit but… Continue reading Day in the Life (January 2017)

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Evaluating the Nursery

Today I'll be evaluating how I'm doing with baby stuff. Am I making frugal and/or green decisions, or could I use some improvement? Let's see. As I mentioned in my secondary infertility post a while back, I donated a lot of our baby stuff when I thought we weren't going to be having any more babies… Continue reading Evaluating the Nursery

Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 12/20/16

Only five more sleeps 'til Christmas! ^_^ I'm almost done wrapping presents and now I just need to grocery shop tomorrow and I will feel ready. I've been sewing a lot for the last several days. Adding Velcro to the cloth diapers that I had still been using diaper pins with, sewing my own inserts with… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 12/20/16