Homeschooling | An Overview of Weeks 1-3

We're already three weeks into the new school year and things are going pretty well. Here's an overview of how the kids are doing with everything: Maggie (17) She is finding psychology to be interesting and is talking about it being a subject/topic that she'd like to pursue learning more about once she graduates next… Continue reading Homeschooling | An Overview of Weeks 1-3


Refrigerator Learning

Since starting the new school year, Samuel and I have been enjoying doing a daily calendar center. Everything is on our refrigerator and it was all free, minus the cost of paper and ink. :) We cover what month it is, which month was last and which is next, the date, the current weather, the… Continue reading Refrigerator Learning

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Schedule // Spring 2017

So...routines and schedules rarely work for long in our house. If it's not one thing happening to completely change things (like going from two cars to one, or a child getting sick and passing it around), it's another. But if I don't at least TRY to implement a routine, there's no chance of having success, right? My main… Continue reading Schedule // Spring 2017

Day in the Life

Day in the Life (March 2017)

March 23, 2017 Stephen woke me at ten after five, much to my displeasure (ha!), so I could take him to work an hour later. I had my cup of coffee while reading a few things online. My lower back and abdomen were bothering me, it was sort of like menstrual cramps but seeing that… Continue reading Day in the Life (March 2017)


Getting a Drivers License in Georgia as a Homeschooled Teen in 2017

My oldest child is sixteen, homeschooled, and just got her drivers license from the Department of Drivers Services (DDS) in Locust Grove, GA. I thought it might be helpful if I were to share exactly how she did it as the requirements can seem overwhelming at first. Complete, updated information is available online at her fifteenth birthday, she got… Continue reading Getting a Drivers License in Georgia as a Homeschooled Teen in 2017

Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 1/20/17

I'm trying something new. We're homeschooling for three weeks and then taking a week "off" so I can plan, reevaluate, and organize. Maggie (16) and Joshua (13) are helping with the little ones as much as possible while I work. I've been truly overwhelmed with the reality of homeschooling three kids (high school, junior high,… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 1/20/17

Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 8/4

My kids started back with lessons this week and somehow it has been totally amazing!! I imagine it's due to all the planning I've done for the last few weeks. I mean, I planned all the academics like normal but I also put tons of thought into the small details. Stephen helped so much by taking all three big kids… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 8/4