Homeschooling | An Overview of Weeks 1-3

We're already three weeks into the new school year and things are going pretty well. Here's an overview of how the kids are doing with everything: Maggie (17) She is finding psychology to be interesting and is talking about it being a subject/topic that she'd like to pursue learning more about once she graduates next… Continue reading Homeschooling | An Overview of Weeks 1-3


Refrigerator Learning

Since starting the new school year, Samuel and I have been enjoying doing a daily calendar center. Everything is on our refrigerator and it was all free, minus the cost of paper and ink. :) We cover what month it is, which month was last and which is next, the date, the current weather, the… Continue reading Refrigerator Learning

Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 03/14/17

I basically killed our seedlings. Or, at least the cucumbers. After posting last week about the fuzzy mold I'd found on their peat (soil), I put them outside in the sunshine. Well, it was windy and they got stressed, and then it rained and HAILED that night! Had I brought them inside? No, because I didn't… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 03/14/17

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A Changing Routine

I've always really enjoyed having the ability to be relaxed as teacher to my kids. But I have to make some changes as we begin this new school year because everything has changed so much! At least for the moment, I don't have the luxury of being as relaxed if I want to have any hope of getting things accomplished. Housework, school… Continue reading A Changing Routine