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Frugal Friday (Aug 5-11)

We are pinching pennies these days, with the cost of our future (rental) home, and the process of moving to it, in mind. I've already been somewhat mindful of frugality and green living but I definitely slack on a regular basis. Lately, though, I have been really proud of myself and my efforts are paying… Continue reading Frugal Friday (Aug 5-11)

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Laundry Room Evaluation

Today I am evaluating how well I'm doing with green and/or frugal spending and habits in the laundry room. There are six of us here: two adults, two teens, one child and a baby (who wears cloth diapers). I do a lot of laundry! I wash an average of 10 loads per week. My husband washes his work… Continue reading Laundry Room Evaluation

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Lavender Lane ~ Wool Dryer Balls

In my continued efforts to save money and be kinder to the environment, I have started using wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets. I attempted to make my own a few years ago but failed pretty miserably. I went back to sheets after they unraveled in my dryer; apparently you need to know how… Continue reading Lavender Lane ~ Wool Dryer Balls