Pregnancy and Birth

After the D&C

I had my d&c early this afternoon and I am currently taking it easy at home. It went great (and there were even some amazing surprises that I'll get to in a bit) so thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers! Related post: Before the D&C If you recall, I wasn't allowed to… Continue reading After the D&C

Pregnancy and Birth

Before the D&C (and Molar Pregnancy Info)

I was in for a shock yesterday when I got the news that there is tissue (possibly growing) in my uterus and producing hCG, but it's not a baby. My obstetrician gave me a fair amount of information, both on my condition/diagnoses as well as on the procedure (d&c) I have to have done tomorrow. Here's what I… Continue reading Before the D&C (and Molar Pregnancy Info)

Pregnancy and Birth

Elizabeth’s Birth Story

I woke up to a painful contraction at 4:30 on the morning of my due date (June 26th, 2016). I walked into the bathroom and found that I'd barely needed to bother making the trip because there was such little urine. Stephen heard me flush the toilet so he came in to check on me.… Continue reading Elizabeth’s Birth Story

Pregnancy and Birth

Postpartum ~ Week One

One week ago, I reached my due date, woke up to painful contractions, headed to the hospital, got from 6 to 10cm quickly, pushed for an hour and a half...and then we found out baby's position. I ended up having my first cesarean. This week has been completely different from all my previous births. I… Continue reading Postpartum ~ Week One

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Home from the Hospital

My cesarean happened mid-morning on Sunday and we came home Tuesday early evening. I originally thought I'd want to stay for as long as possible because of the pain I have been in, but by Monday night I'd realized that they weren't doing anything for me that I/we couldn't do ourselves at home. I wasn't taking any strong… Continue reading Home from the Hospital